Couch to 5K

Good for the body & mind

I’m out of action as you already know

My body’s not used to this going slow

I’m getting depressed I thought yesterday before noon

I’ve got to do something or I’ll sink even further doon

So my plan was devised for today’s exercise

I’ll do some of this and a bit of that I’ll swim but no high impact that’s a fact

So off to the gym I went this early morn

I’d ride a bike for a while to warm up, that’s the norm

I rode through the Loire Valley the scenery was a delight

I didn’t expect it to be so sunny, picturesque and bright

But I guess the video was taken with this in mind

I didn’t even feel the saddle nipping my behind!!

Then I pumped some weights, I did loads of sit ups

Had to stop I got thirsty and started hiccups

Then off to the pool for swim and then Aqua Gym

Had to duck under the rope half way through, what a sin

I won’t work through pain, I’ve found it’s not good

So I swam some more and the pain went as I hoped it would

And my body and mind feel much better this afternoon

I’ll get back to the gym and it will be very soon. - Boom boom ;)

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Your a poet & don't know it oldgirl .sounds like a great workout , just what you needed . Wishing you a speedy return


You've got it sussed! Sounds like you've plenty to keep your fitness level up!

I am doing 'Fast exercise' on my bike indoors. Would love to be outside running beside MY river though! Went to my RHS garden instead yesterday which was lovely - but so sedate and gentle! Hey Ho, one day we'll be fit and pain free again!


Positive thoughts Beek is the only way, fingers crossed, we can do this we know we can ;)

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Thanks KK have been using a golf ball, same result I'm guessing. I've just taken delivery of a PF Night Splint so will try it tonight. Its designed to keep your foot flexed instead of relaxed. The acupuncture is interesting, since having it last Thursday I have done no impact exercise but have done gentle stretches before getting out of bed. I have had no severe pain but the odd twinge (good sign). Also the headache I had for weeks on end with sinus problems has gone. The pressure has eased too, although there are periods throughout the day when nasal passages become blocked but it feels although not completely better its easier. I go back for another session of Thursday. Its a wait and see and be patient game and I'm not the most patient of people, I like things done and dusted NOW :)


Not really out of action then Oldgirl eh?


Not completely thank goodness. Although its quite scary how much I have had to stop doing when I take stock. Running first and foremost, LI Aerobics, Zumba, Badminton, long walks with hubby. Its a big loss throughout my week. I've taken to studying my camera (bought over 2 years ago and still use Auto shoot) tut tut, so some good has come of having to keep my bum on a seat while I read instructions ;) My neighbours must have wondered what on earth I was doing at the weekend scrambling around in the bushes trying to get close up pics of plants, birds & bees :)


Ha ha! I can imagine!

I still use Auto as well but instead of shooting the picture I always turn the camera off! Stupid bleeping thing! The camera that is, not me! LOL

Love the poetry OG! Glad you can maintain your sense of humour through this spell of enforced rest from the road. Your pool sounds fantastic!


wow...beautiful poem, and blimey there is no stopping you Oldgirl, you are the best :)