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Week 7 (Again!)

I had a pretty decent go at week 7 last week. I run on a Monday and Wednesday and then I do my final run on a Saturday morning during the Parkrun. Monday & Wednesday went OK, even though I was so unorganized on Wednesday and did the entire 25 minutes without socks. I was very proud of myself though; old me would have just chucked my bag back into the car and give up as obviously I cannot run without socks. But I went for it and I ran my full 25 minutes.

The me who was barely able to finish my week one, but I kept going. I can now run for 25 minutes. But then came Saturday and I just don't know what happened. I usually tell myself only 2 minutes more, you can do it. But my mind was weak on Saturday and I had about 3 10 second walks during my run.

For that reason I decided to re-do week 7 this week. I want to do my 25 minutes fair and square. Finished my first run about an hour ago. On a scorching hot spring day during lunchtime. And I did it. I even had enough energy to push for that last minute as Laura said.

I'll keep you updated as my week progresses. Would love to move on to week 8 next week!

Oh, by the way, week 7 is my first repeat week. Lets hope it's also my last :)

Happy running!

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