Got behind, but nailed Week 7 Run 1

I went a week without running, gasp! Life got in the way with travel plans and a little laziness thrown in early last week. However, I went out on Friday and completed Week 7 Run 1. I told myself if I couldn't do the entire run I could always do the last interval. In fact, I was so resigned to not being able to run for 25 minutes I didn't even bother using the app, just kept track of my time. I willed myself not to look at my running watch, but at one point when I felt I had been running for awhile I looked at it and it said 4 minutes! I said to myself "only 4 minutes, how will I ever keep going". But I did, next look it was 7 minutes, then 8 minutes, and by the 8 minutes I was still not sure I could keep going, but then it turned to 10 then 12 and by 12 I found my groove and while it wasn't easy, it was easier than I could have ever imagined. So, at 25 minutes I stopped, although I did feel I could have just maybe kept going. But, I didn't want to push it, especially after being off a week. I will do Week 7 Run 2 tonight, but it will have to be on the treadmill, because Colorado is expecting snow to start any moment now, and by the time I get home from work snow and dark doesn't seem like the best combo. I am grateful to have a treadmill, but I really really don't like the thing, and I don't anticipate being able to run the full 25 minutes, I just get sooooo bored. We shall see.....

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  • Well done you! Funny how you can keep going sometimes when part of you is screaming No more! Stop! I can't take it!!!

    I agree re treadmill btw. Only ever done it once - absolutely awful. Aware of every passing second in slow motion agony. Give me outdoors any day! :)

  • I will do my best. However, I am ok if it turns into a run walk interval. I know I can do it outside at this point, so as long as I am doing something on the treadmill it will be easier to bounce back. Sometimes winter running requires some adjustments. I enjoy running outside, and if someone told me I could only ever run on the treadmill, i would have to take up a new fitness routine!

  • Well done for doing it after a week's break! That is why I am doing my runs every other day (so some weeks I do 4 runs, other weeks just 3). My thought process behind this is, if I take 2 days off then I might lose momentum...can't imagine what a whole week off would feel like! Again, well done :)

  • I actually ran four days the week before. My last run of that week was on the Friday, then this Friday was the next one. I did do a lot of walking last week, so I think that helps. Now with the snow and the early darkness the real struggle sets in. I am not a morning runner, no matter how hard I try. I end up re setting my alarm. Actually, if you take two days off you might find it is easier to run. I don't mean take it off all the time, but once a week allow for the two days. I again didn't mean for the two day break, but it happened. But, my plan is today and tomorrow. As long as you have a plan, right?

  • Well done. I really struggled with week 7.

    I'm currently struggling with winter running and have had a week off with a cold - I've come on here for inspiration and it certainly has helped.

  • I think I will be on week 7 for a while! I used the treadmill last night and put on a movie. However, I only could manage to run for 8 minutes straight. I wasn't upset about it, because me and the treadmill need some serious work on our relationship. I just don't like it. I want to be outside watching the scenery pass by. I also can't ever settle on a treadmill pace that works.... I'm either too fast or to slow. After the 8 minutes of straight running, I did manage a run/walk until 30 minutes. I keep telling myself something is better than nothing, I just need to make it through the winter and run outside when i can.

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