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Tips for running in winter


Was going for a 5km run this morning, but when I woke up it was pouring with rain and hasnt really stopped since. Shame as I was looking forward to getting out, but would have been like a drowned rat ever after a few seconds.

Hopefully it will clear up later so I can get out.

How do some of you feel if you cant get out due to adverse weather?

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I won't go out if its icy but other than that, I just get wet, or blown along by the wind. I have to take my glasses off which is a pain if my music stops or anything daft like that but once I get back a hot shower sorts everything out. Try it, you might enjoy it.


I learnt very quickly that running in the rain is actually quite fun. The only thing that stops me - when I’m fully motivated - is thunder and lightning. I don’t like ice particularly but have been known to run gingerly across slippery surfaces. Some people get themselves a treadmill to get through the winter.


Embrace the winter and run in it! I love rainy runs😂


Unless icy... or thunder and lightning and gales.. I am out there.. Buff... warm hat or cap..lightweight waterproof windproof jacket and gloves:)


you wear a cap and a lightweight run jacket 😃👍🏃‍♂️

It would have to be particularly bad to stop me going out. I always say i'll try the treadmill and once i give me that option, i'm out there 😁

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