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Any tips for running with colds?

Today is an either or day, I either repeat week 8 run 3 or I start week 9 but I also feel like I have the beginnings of a cold and am tired (does this get me out of it?!) I haven't run since Saturday so I need to do something, but I also can't be more ill for the weekend!

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I ran with the tail end of a cold yesterday, feeling good today, but it could have gone either way...


I'm recovering from a cold, missed my run on Sunday (week 7 - run 3), I'd been looking for just this advice on the interweb. I ran last week when I had the beginnings of a sore throat but when I ached and couldn't stop sneezing I baled.

All the advice I've read suggests it's a bad idea to do aerobic exercise when you have a cold, but if you feel a bit better you can do strengthening exercises or stretches, but wait until you're fully recovered before running again.

I'm itching to finish week 7, but fear I may need to go backwards before I can move forwards again. :-(

Hope you get better very soon.


Some advice I saw was it's OK to run with a head cold but if it is in your lungs or a cough, give it a miss.


Well I had a cold last week, not terribly bad but enough that i felt feverish & nose running all the time. Took 2 days off, and 3rd day I wasn't going to anything, but late in the evening decided to run back from taking daughter somewhere. it was only a mile, and I went pretty slowly (like I ever go fast ;-)) but felt ok afterwards. have been able to follow the schedule since but have had paracetomol when feeling feverish. If I felt really poorly with it I don't think I would have run at all. And with a sore throat I wouldn't run as I think all that mouth breathing would just make it worse. I think your body tells you what is suitable. Just listen to it, be gentle, and don't push yourself too hard. There's nothing to prove. You can always run further another day. Today I managed my first 4.5k, (no idea of the time as I'd not used the podcast for first time) but feel completely recovered from the cold now. This was my last run of week 9, but don't feel i've graduated till I actually cover 5k, maybe a few more weeks.


Thanks guys!

I ended up going out earlier, knackered now but I survived my first run of week 9!

The cold is currently deciding what it's going to do, to stay a sniffle or go full blown cold so I thought I'd go while I still feel like it, even managed a couple of hills!

I just hope I can get up for work in the morning!!! Ha!


Oh and kept up my average speed and did 4.81k!


Fantastic! What are you like when you don't have a cold? That's impressive distance for Wk9 1st run, isn't it?


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