Can't run in the dark

I'm so struggling now it's dark. I've been out at dusk on my usual route but couldn't see clearly enough and kept stumbling so only did 3k, even hubby noticed!! I've invested in a head torch but haven't plucked up courage to try it yet.

I've had the beginnings of a head cold for a couple of weeks and generally feel tired and crap by the end of the day, so the slightest thing on the way home and I make an excuse not to go. I'm so disappointed with myself for not running, I know I'll feel better once I go out, I am missing running but frightened of tripping and falling.

Please tell me I'm not the only one!! I've really lost my get up and go at the moment, I know I need to kick myself up the backside, any pointers greatly received.


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  • You're definitely not the only one. It's properly dark when I get in, I'm tired and hungry, and don't want to go. Try the head torch, or attach it to your arm or hand if you prefer, and see how you get on with that, maybe.

    Or can you find another route locally which is better lit? It's definitely important to have the confidence that you know where your feet are landing!

    Don't give up - you've come so far, you can do this!

  • Don't run in the dark again without a torch, it would be so awful to injure yourself. Please do give the headtorch another try... I like to pretend that I'm going out on an adventure as everything looks completely different and almost magical in the light. Could you try it on a walk first to acclimatise?

  • I really struggle in the winter months to get out. I have signed up for half marathon in February which means most of my training will have to be in the dark. Think we just have to go out and do it.

  • b275 -I promise you are not alone! I'd lost my mojo, felt a bit off it, don't like the cold and dark 😠

    BUT am on half term this week, so daytime running is back in the agenda ( for a week at least!)

    What it has done, has reminded me how far I've come and how much I really like running, so I've made myself a promise! 2 runs in the week, 1 at the weekend. My 2 week day runs will be early morning on the streets no less, where street lights will guide meπŸ˜‰, my weekend run will be wherever I fancy but in the light!

    I've tried after work running and it's really not for me, so I need to get myself sorted!

    Good luck - pretend you are running underground with your head torch πŸ˜‚, or take the more sensible advice and try it on your arm instead 😊

  • Great advice I am also worried about running in the dark but like Jingle berry I am definitely going to do one of my runs at the weekend & 2 straight after work but will be sticking to well lit pathways it's a thought we just need to re ber how good it feels after run!!! 😊😊 don't give up we all got to keep each other going! πŸ˜ŠπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒx

  • The dark became my gremlin post graduation and it's a bit like when you first start - the hardest bit is getting out of the door. You just have to take the bull by the horns and go for it and do you know what running in the dark is quite liberating - you feel invisible so any self consciousness you may have evaporates. Just make sure your torch is fully charged and enjoy the freedom. Oh and if it's cold don't forget gloves - nothing worse than cold hands. πŸ˜€

  • I have terrible eyesight in the dark, my mother was the same. Just don't see very much when other people around me seem to see fine. Though if I ever do want to run around our wee town I can manage a route that is all under streetlights so it is do-able.

    But, I don't run much after nightfall, haven't even entered this years Spooktacular Halloween run where they are expecting 1000+ running ghouls and ghosts, roads closed off for race (feel like I should have entered as I type that - there is a good atmosphere at the event)

  • Thanks everyone!!

    I had a moan at Hubby last night, "I really need to go for a run" his reply was "come on then lets get gone!" I went, twice round part of my usual run, there's only a couple of places that are really dark enough to need the torch, I used a Buff as a head band for the torch to sit on and didn't wear my glasses. It felt much better although I forgot water and got very hot, I made it twice round for 4.5k in 29mins so not too bad.

    I'm feeling a bit sore this morning, haven't felt like this since week 3. Not helped by waking 3 times last night with cramp in the arch on my left foot, quite painful walking today.

    BUT.... I felt "fanblumintastic" when I'd finished last night!!! I'm back!!!!

  • Well done b275 ☺️ You are fanblumintastic 😘

  • You are certainly not the only one! I'm still almost in a state of shock I can run, and that's in full daylight with nice weather :) This dark and cold and torch and so forth is another load of Gremlins to deal with. Remember though how we dealt with the first lot? Yes - slow and steady :) It's all a learning experience this, take it easy, figure it out and all will be well :) You are a Runner after all ☺

  • Thanks - I keep forgetting I'm a runner!!

  • I like running in the dark with my head torch 😊 It's fun! Ok, so you go slower but that's a given

    if you can't run in the day then you have no option. you can't hibernate til spring 😊

    I take a small hand torch too,,which I got cheaply from the garage. it has a wrist strap so I don't lose it

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