Nearly at the end

W9 R1 completed. I have been getting on with it and finding it tough. Not sure whether running is for me. 2 more 30 minute runs and worried about keeping motivated. This was a challenge for me against me but not sure that will keep me going. Any suggestions for follow up challenges. I'm not keen on running with other people as I don't find it particularly motivating. 1 need something else to strive for..


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  • How about keeping up with your big sister?

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  • I'm just at week 6 and I'm slow so my plan would be to gain better pace there are 2 circuits beside my home both 6 km so I want those to be by regular runs..... I only covered 2.5 k on my 20 min jog so I've a bit to go , maybe that could be a challenge

  • I didn't really enjoy it while I was doing the plan either. Strike that. I hated it!

    I liked the feeling of smugness after each session but I hated each session while I was doing it. Some of my runs I did with friends and in some ways I found those runs worse as I didn't like the feeling that (a) they might expect me to have conversation with them while I was wheezing like Ivor the Engine and (b) that I might be holding them up from going at the speed they maybe wished they were going at.

    My suggestions for you are:

    - do pat yourself on the back for all you've accomplished so far and think about how hard you'd have found week nine back at the start; relish your improved strength EVEN THOUGH you're not enjoying it (*whispers* I actually do quite a lot of surreptitious feeling of my legs because I like the change in them!)

    - keep it going for three months or so, running about three times a week, BEFORE YOU DECIDE finally that running isn't for you. Choose a variety of routes with nice scenery if possible. Don't increase your speed or distance unless you really want to. Basically, consolidate what you can do at the end of the plan for a few months, because I very much suspect that you will begin to enjoy the runs as the running becomes easier and you can notice your surroundings more and feel more comfortable.

    Just my thoughts...

    Well done on what you've achieved so far though. x

  • Thanks I will continue but will need to see some significant improvement in how I feel about it to make it a lifestyle change ๐Ÿ˜

  • Have you noticed your fitness improving? Have you lost any weight? If you have, do you want the improvements to continue? That is my main motivation. Plus time to myself to ponder on life! Some runs are fun, some are awful. But every run improves your fitness.

    Plus you could run with the lovely Flora! I can recommend it, she's great! Then she'd be trained up when I want to run with her aswell (not being selfish am I?)

    And when I'm in UK we can do Parkrun together (or all 3 of us).

    There's loads still to do, how far do you get in 30 mins? Are you at 5k yet?

  • I have lost precisely no weight nor have I gained any. I am definitely fitter. I find I need to eat more or I am too weak to run. This annoys me because I am not losing weight. Bit of a dilemma. Need to balance diet and running and I definitely have not got that right yet.

  • I haven't lost any weight either. But definitely fitter.

  • I have no idea how far I am actually going as I have not measured it ๐Ÿ˜ฉ as for Flora at the moment I am concentrating on the music and road running so not ideal for Flora but when I have graduated I'll try running around the flashes with her.

  • How about the 5k plus?

  • I think I will need something like that but haven't looked into it yet. Thanks

  • Have just graduated but am finding the 30 minutes tough like you. Like you enjoy running on my own against me. Decided I need to consolidate the 30 minutes for a week or 2 before starting to add to it & eventually get to 5k. Will have a go at Parkrun maybe once I'm at 4.5k or thereabouts. Would seem a pity to give up now you have improved your fitness so. Is there a Parkrun near you? What about finding new routes? You're nearly there, aim for the glint of gold in the distance :-)

  • I started running with my wife 11 weeks ago and started the C25k app and started as 12 stone 3. Since then she has become pregnant so stopped running after the 2nd week. I continued and have graduated and done a park run 5k.

    I've put on 8 pounds. Cannot explain it as I feel fit as a fiddle

  • Thank you I was beginning to worry about my lack of weight loss.

  • I've not lost any weight either but several people have pointed out that I am probably changing shape and have lost some inches but muscle is heavier than fat. Just like that I am fitter :-)

  • Hmmm. been reading some of your previous posts when you were quite fired up with this,and surprising yourself... maybe it ain't enough for you.

    Finish this... then you have completed your challenge to yourself...then... shake it up a bit.. find different types of challenges... I, like you don't like the idea of social running.. horrid phrase I know..mostly because I think I will fail :) I am lone runner.. I like my own company and to do things for me and things that challenge me..

    Try the C25K+ podcasts, if, for no other reason than you can say you tried them.. and did not like them. Try different things, run for pleasure, as far as you can, as long as you can. as fast as you can... run backwards ( I did) run sideways... try strides, intervals... have fun...Winter's coming... try ice skating on runs ( I did), on second thoughts, maybe not...:)

    When you have done all that, either you will have found something..or not. It is not for everyone....running for me is much more than the run... but maybe not for you...

    Go on. give it a shot.."Happiness is the absence of striving for happiness..." just go with it and see what happens :)

  • All good advise๐Ÿ˜ŠI think you have done a great job I'm on my last run tomorrow๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ and I will be so chuffed as I never thought I'd finish it! Like you I've had a few runs I thought once this challenge is done what then!! Will I get to love running or not? Who knows but one thing is for sure I never thought I'd get this far! So...I have downloaded podcast c25k+... And c210k and after reading all these comments going to stick to 3 mths & try for 3 times a week runs, first aim run 5k, second then try park run and hopefully by then I will love it...๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ I know one thing I am no longer dreading going out to run I'm enjoying the challenge! So that's progress in my books ha ha!! Who knows what's ahead but we are certainly fitter than when we started!! Let's challenge each other to keep going๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ˜ŠPhyllis

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