What happens at the end?

currently i'm on week six, day 1 and i'm curious as to what happens once all the weeks are up? is there anyone who has finished all the weeks? and if there is what do you do next? i really enjoy the running and it gives a great sense of achievement but i wouldn't know what to do once all the weeks are up, do i just continue running 3 times a week for half an hour, or do something else?


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  • It's worth thinking about what you're going to do with your running after you graduate, because many of us feel a little aimless once there's nobody telling us what to do.

    Certainly plan to keep running three times a week, but you might want to think about extending your runs gradually in terms of time & distance. Not many people have got to the point where they complete 5k in 30 minutes (that's a milestone in itself), so you might want to first get used to running on to finish that 5k. Then you could think about going further, perhaps aiming to get to 10k. Why not think about entering an event or two?

    Also, look up your local Parkrun. That's a great thing to do.

    Since I graduated at the end of March, I've just completed my 19th Parkrun, took part in a 10k race, and I'm now training for a Half Marathon in October. At the end of August I have a 5 mile race, and I just entered a 10k race at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories at the end of September.

  • Where i live they have an island run and that's two miles, back in may was my first time doing it and a couple of days later i started the couch to 5k app and i've been doing it since its been getting better. hopefully ill be able to do it in under 30 mins next may. i think i might start where the run starts and keep running a bit further every time. I'd love to do one of those colour runs as well, they look like fun.

  • Steve, what's the run at RAL? Is it a public one? I'm just south of The Ridgeway on A34...

  • It's the Rutherford Appleton Running Event (RARE) on 27th Sept. A 5K and 10K on the same day. Look at barnesfitness.co.uk/event/r...

    Only a tenner to run!

  • Oh, shame. That's the day of my 'Downton Abbey' Highclere Castle 10km...

  • Awwwwwww

  • I have read there is a C25K which will take you forward:

    C25K+ for graduates launched - Couch to 5K | HealthUnlocked


    3 Aug 2012 - Take your running to the next level with new 5K+ podcast series for Couch to 5K graduates.

    Have a look, I am not ready to face the shock as I am approaching week 5 day 2!!


  • hey julie,

    thanks for the information, some of the days scare me a little but you've just got to not give up and you'll be fine. after finishing day 3 of week 5 i felt a great sense of achievement, i never thought i could do something like that! but its good to know that i can :)

  • I've been using the C25K+ programme for some of my runs along with the Guardian podcasts for running. I like how Laura is on the C25K+, but am not keen on the music. I do understand why it is there and it does help me keep a rhythm-sort of- I am not very musical! The stamina and speed podcasts are good and this week I ran for nearly an hour. I was delighted. I am still not quite up to 5K in 30 minutes, but need something to aim for. I completed a run for fun (2K) and while on holiday was out with a beginner and we ended up in part of a park run.

    Anyway the point of the post is that the C25K+ and the Guardian advanced are well worth a download and week 9 runs can also be repeated, but a goal is required. I hope to do some local runs called fireman's runs across the autumn. It is a series of runs across the winter.

  • In addition to what Steve has said this forum keeps many of us going as we have people to share our experiences with, get ideas and tips and motivate each other.

  • There are lots of training plans on the internet free. It depends what your goal is. I am on week 2 of the BUPA 10k training plan as that is my goal. I am also going to start doing some strength training when the kids are back at school. I've got the Nike training app on my phone for that.

  • Just keep running. If you can keep running three times a week, whatever speed or distance, you're doing a thousand times better than before you started. Try running without headphones, try different routes, start running home from work, make your own personalised running soundtrack. I've started running to a 'free gym', doing some cross training/rowing exercises, then running back home. I haven't done any organised events yet, but am trying to join a running club (which keeps cancelling on me :( ) and planning to do my first parkrun next Sat. There's loads to do once you finish. There's even a t-shirt :) completerunner-online.com/s...

  • virtualrunneruk.com ? parkrun ? Lots of 5 to 10k apps. Zombies run....?

  • The graduates have finished all the weeks, and yes, go out and run 3 times a week for 30 mins and build on that to try and reach 5k distance. But there's no hard & fast rules, it's up to you really.

    Parkruns are good to get into, for an hour or so on a Saturday morning, that can help you build to 5k distance, again, Check out the Parkrun website for your local run.

    I did my first Parkrun on w6 and I couldn't sustain running to 5k, so had to mix with walking, took me about 46 mins to get round then, if you enjoy running as you said do, then maybe you could try a Parkrun.

  • Well I've been sitting on my sofa for two years now, waiting for the answer to that question...........still, I know how to improve my fitness if I want to.......I'll just do C25k all over again.

    But to be serious, you do whatever you want to do. Some people go on to run 10k, 10miles, half marathons and marathons and no doubt ultra marathons, both on and off road. Some do organised events, some prefer to run alone. Many of us do parkrun on a regular basis and some of us go back to sitting on the sofa.

    The running world is yours.

    Just keep running, keep smiling.

  • I have been a bit lost since I graduated, I've done a couple of free runs and one run in the couch to 25 k but didn't fit!

    So today I started couch 2 5 k again but as some here suggested I'm slow running the walk and speeding up when I have to run.

    Who knew I have two speeds? Slow shuffle and a slow run!!

    So there is lots of options, good luck!

  • Thank you everyone for your replies, it's been very helpful :)

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