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Is this the end before the end?

Over two weeks ago I did my Week 6 Day 2 run, got home and an hour later I couldn't use my left leg for anything weight bearing unless it was fully locked. It took me ages to do stairs or anything that required putting weight on this leg on it own. I'm not sure what it was but my lowest part of my calve muscle appeared to have given up.

So I let time heel it with no exercise for two weeks, it wasn't 100% but thought I would give a short run ago last night so I did 8 minutes and it was ok. Then the walk came, my leg stiffened up I tried running again and it was like I had a peg leg and had forgotten how to bend the knee back??! I had to stop running because it was affecting my other leg that was taking all my weight.

Any ideas on what's going on? I still have pain in the lower leg but I feel like the "peg leg " thing was just me over-thinking/concentrating.

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I'd go to the doctors if it was me xx

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mrspatch has given the best advice anyone could give you


broke my ankle on week 3, 4 years ago and its taken me this long to get round to it again. you dont want to injure yourself long term and some aches and pains for a few days maybe but you're talking of weeks :-(


I might have to book myself in. Thanks


So I have extremely tight calve muscles apparently! Good news that it's nothing too serious.


I have been using the SWORKIT apps and find them very useful. There is one specifically for stretches, might help you with your tight muscles?


after months of doctors, physio and resting the problem appears to have been found and I competed run 3 day 1 again.

My tight calves appear to have been brought on by my flat feet (new information to me!) and badly tight hamstring. I never even realised I had really limited movement in them! I have a long way to go with stretching them and having normal movement but I'm back to running with no pain which is amazing. Just need to find my motivation again and I'll be back on board with C25k


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