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Nearly halfway!

Wow, I never thought I'd reach week 4 but I have! I did wk 4 r 1 this morning and it was hard going and quite tough especially as I was running in my running shoes that I wore for the London Marathon 6 years ago! The shoes are very worn and uncomfortable but it was all I had. Then I decided to treat myself to new running shoes, I found the running shop in town and after a gait analysis, plus a discount! bought myself new running shoes. It was a bit nerve wracking for me because I am obese and feel I have no right to be in the shop, especially as I went in with my sleeping toddler on the pushchair and my 4 yr old walking beside me... nevertheless the guy who served me was very pleasant and didn't judge me at all... he made me feel more motivated esp as I explained that I used to do a LOT of running prior to having kids. Wow. So now I have new shoes, and I look forward to using them on Fri morning for wk 4 r 2.

I have booked Race for Life in July, and aim to continue running beyond - i even dream of doing the London Marathon in 2016 - but is it realistic?! I still have LOADS of weight to lose, and currently although I am running, it is very slow. My fastest time on the c25k is 13.5 min mile... I used to be able to do 9 min mile... at the end of the day I just want to complete the running programme then continue getting from start to finish but would like to speed up a little - I am sure I will once I have lost some more weight... my fitness levels are a lot better than my eating habits although I am trying... I just don't think I am trying hard enough... hmmm.... a friend of mine lost nearly 2 stone just drinking shakes and just walking the dog all in 5 weeks... I am not sure its the best way but well done to her... just wish it was me!

Anyway I look forward to the 2nd half of the c25k programme in my new running shoes!

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That is a TERRIBLE way to lose weight! Don't do it! Just make healthy choices and watch your portion control, plus ditch the booze (or most of it). If you do it the healthy way it will stay off. I lost mine with WW 11 years ago and it has pretty much stayed off, though my food choices still leave a little to be desired sometimes ... I know what I have to do though, and generally stick to a 'sensible' regime.


Thanks for your post - I don't actually drink, my portion sizes are normal to less than normal. My weakness is chocolate and snacking between meals. And too tired to cook even if I have the meal planned out, then end up having a takeaway! However the last takeaway gave me food poisoning and I ended up violently sick for 2 days, which was a wake up call! - if I had cooked I would be fine! Since then I have made more of an effort to cook! Even if its an easy meal - such as tuna pasta.

The challenge is not just knowing what to do, cos believe me, i know in my head what i should and shouldn't do... its actually doing it!

Thanks for your post it makes interesting reading =0)


We are all human, and allowed to be naughty from time to time. The trick is to be good more often than bad. I am not always good at practicing what I preach though! Mind you, when I see some of those programmes on the telly with really overweight people, it is eyepopping how much junk some people eat, and makes me realise that my indiscretions are nothing compared to what some people can get through, and I am managing to maintain a healthy weight even though I do have probably more than I need. Like you said, you know what to do - it all depends how badly you want it! It's incredibly difficult putting your needs to the fore when you've a young family to care for, so I wish you the very best of luck. You've come to the right forum for support, my friend!


Let me get this right - you ran a marathon 6 years ago? I'm awed! And if you had that kind of self discipline in 2009 I'm absolutely sure that losing some weight will be no problem for you once you get back on track. Good luck and enjoy your new shoes!


You have no idea how inspiring your post is to me.

I am only a stone overweight, and yet I am so body conscious when in sports shops. For example, the whole idea of buying a new swimming costume in a sports shop fills me with dread...

At the end of the day, you care about your long term health by choosing C25k over diet shakes, and after having kids and the ravages that pregnancy and childbirth can have on a woman's body, you have chosen to put health before your self-consciousness.

I hope those shoes give you wings!

Good luck!


Thanks for your reply. I am 7 stone overweight so yes I have a very long way to go. Thanks for putting it like that - putting my health and fitness above shakes and self consciousness. It is not easy though but I am a determined person so I am going to make this work! Thanks for your post. It is good to see other people's views too!


first there is a tradition on here. You HAVE to post a picture of your shoes :)

Well done on starting w4, you are doing awesome. You are well into it now and I'm sure you can see your fitness has come a long way. Keep slow for now. increasing your pace can come later.


Yup ok ok I tried to put a photo of my new running shoes on this but I dunno how that works as a reply, I will put them up later in a new post after my run today... 😋 ta ta for now


Good luck on your journey back to fitness (and your new shoes!). what better motivation to eat healthily than to know how much your running will improve. Congratulations on completing that marathon!


Don't go on any of those fad diets. Look up the NHS website. They have a 12 weight loss program which aim is to teach you good eating habits and you loose weight in the process. I started on the NHS program 12 weeks ago. I went from Obese to just a little Overweight. Now, 4 more kg and I will be in the healthy weight range.

If you want to run, you have to make sure you are eating well. You need your strenght. I am sure everyone will agree. Right?


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