Week 9 - the end is nigh

I set off on my first run of week 9 feeling a little wistful....Laura and I will be going our separate ways soon. I almost had a moment of panic wondering if I am going to carry on without her. Today for the first time, I disobeyed she who must be obeyed. I didn't start Map My Run until I was actually running because I wanted to see how close I could get to 5k. I want to do a park run and don't want to do it if I have only 30 mins running in me.

As the 30 mins was coming to an end I knew I had more in me so I kept going...I managed 5k in 34.58 mins!!!!! My last Km was my fastest at 6.31 mins and my average pace 6.59 mins per km. To say I am chuffed is an understatement. I am 49 and have just run 5k in under 35 mins!!!!

Tell Laura I love her!!


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26 Replies

  • Thats a fantastic achievement..well done :)

  • Thank you...I am still grinning :0)

  • That is very impressive, well done.

    I too am 49 and my current target is to achieve 5k in 35 mins. I actually did my best 5k today - 36 mins and 13 seconds :) And I did exactly the same run today as I did on Monday, 2 mins 13 seconds quicker :)

    So I think you and me are doing just great.

    I hope that once you graduate you continue to enjoy running. I think it's just great and am confident I will continue with this now - you can just chuck your shoes on, get out there and do it! (ok, so there's a little more to it, especially now it's dark and colder).

    Good luck for your last two runs - will keep an eye out for your graduation.

    :) xx

  • Thank you for the encouragement. It sounds like you are doing really well too. I have just discovered there is a running group in my village on a Monday evening so I am thinking about joining that. I am amazed about how I have pushed myself along this. I am determined now and wish I had realised how dogged I can be years ago x!!!

  • Wow, wow , wow; that is a fab time- you must be so chuffing chuffed! A maze ing, this programme is just phenomenal isn't it? So pleased for you, love reading this sort of post! I'm on week 8 run 2 tomorrow , and can't imagine doing 5k in that time, but who knows? Inspired! Xx

  • You will get there. I think this programme makes you realise what you are capable of. A few weeks ago, those 60 second runs seemed tough and now.......good luck tomorrow :0) xx

  • Hey RK Well Done you :D ...you are doing fantastic!!! Go do a parkrun, you are doing 5K in a faster time than me. Another Graduation woooohoooo!!!

  • A park run is in my very near future now. Just got to get over my nerves about running with other people. Graduation is just round the corner :0)

  • Most excellent effort, You seem to be getting 6xx m/km regularly Well Done - did my 9.1 today, no where near as fast as you. :D

  • We are nearly there aren't we. I am feeling so good about this. You will get there too x

  • That 's incredible, you sound like you have plenty in you to smash the programme & indeed a park run, go you!!! X

  • I am really looking forward to this week now. I want my badge :0)

  • I too am 49 and I'm nearly a minute slower per km than you! If I went that fast I'd need the paramedics! For my first post grad run I still took Laura and week 9 with me. We went 10s per k faster than the last run, so going in the right direction - in the 30 mins I did 3.9k. I think I'll leave MMR home for the next week or so and see if I get any faster by then. I don't want to become a stats freak!

  • Have to say I love my stats so I think I may be asking for a Garmin for my birthday. I think you do amazingly. Getting out there and running it is the key and your posts have really inspired me xx

  • Wet n windy this morning - strangely invigorating!

  • When I looked out the window this morning, I was glad I ran yesterday!! I think that the weather is changing now and I probably won't have many more runs where it is too warm.

  • Wow well done RK your doing fantastically and giving us (I'm nearly in the 49 club), some real inspiration. I am only in week 7 and ran 3k in the 25 minutes, so have some way to go, but with great posts like this that boost moral :D

  • I think I was doing a similar distance in that first 25 min run. Just build on it. I haven't felt like I could run on before and was always glad when Laura said it was time to walk but tonight I still felt so strong I knew I could do it. Good luck with the rest of your runs x

  • Really, wow makes me feel that I am not as slow as I thought, been on holiday for a few days so wk7d3 hopefully today when we get back if not too tired. Be good to get back in a routine again .. Congrats now on being a graduate xx

  • Thank you :0)

  • Don't worry you can still run with Laura after Graduation with her wonderful Stepping Stones podcasts. Three of them that you can play around with to your heart's content. I ran them today while out doing a 12 k.

  • I think I will download those but I also fancy building my own running track, but can't imagine running without Laura giving me a countdown ;0) x

  • My god that's some commitment to running building your own running track - how much land do you own ? You could let other runners use it for their c25k a small charge and you'd me minted ;)

  • Oops I meant running tracks on my iPhone, but thinking about it we do have a couple of fields that would be suitable for a running track!!

  • Congratulations that's fantastic and what a great time. Good luck with the rest of week 9!

  • Well done, that's my aim

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