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Wk9R1 - The end is nigh!

It's been a wee while since I last posted so here's a quick update:

Having started back at uni last week, my whole running calendar has been turned upside down and I'm now trying to find the balance again. Since a lot of my friends have returned from holidays and hometowns, I'm suddenly inundated with social events and excuses to eat all the time! As much as it's lovely to socialise again, I really took my freedom and peace & quiet for granted over the summer.

Anyhoo, I've been staving off a very snotty cold these past few days and when I woke up this morning I was fed up of staying still. Nothing was stopping me from getting into week 9, so I headed out an hour before class and had a gorgeous run in the morning sunshine. My nose behaved itself for half an hour and let my feet do the running, I explored parts of a new route, christened my new running gear (a running belt with water-bottles and an armband for my phone) and, best of all, started my LAST WEEK OF THE PROGRAM!!!!

Jeezo, when did that happen? I could've sworn I was psyching myself up for the big run in week 5 not that long ago!

I'm now on a mission to complete the final 2 runs and say goodbye to Laura. It's been a blast, she taught me so much, but it's almost time to part ways.

What's next?

I'm hoping to use the Nike+ app to push myself to running 5k, start some hill training, then progress onto the 5k+ plan and actually book a race!!!

Thank you to everyone on this page for your continued support and motivation. You're the best coaches anyone could ask for!!

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Only 2 more runs to go Hurrah ! it's hard trying to fit in runs sometimes but sure you'll work it out I use nike + and it nice when this wee voice tells you how far/ fast you are running. Booking race is good idea as it keeps you focused as sometimes it can almost be a bit of an anticlimax after graduation . I also used the bupa training progs as I need a structure to follow Happy running


I would suggest that in a busy world setting the alarm 40 mins earlier creates an instant running window, but I see that you are a student, so maybe that's a ridiculous suggestion!!!


Haha! Very true! I've more or less got my timetable together and there are a few windows available throughout the week, I just need to stick to them. Here's hoping things start to settle down now in time for graduation! I'm excited to get there and keep it up!


Good luck - I'm starting W9 next week, so I'll be just behind you!


Go for it Gal :)


Very Good Luck With Mission 9 parts 2&3. Soon you will have a shiny new badge and possibly even a new star or planet will appear in the skies - it is certainly a good week to graduate according to the old crystal ball. I have just graduated and joined a running club where everyone is very nice and does not laugh at me much - there is bound to be a running club at your Uni - possibly the running route will end up at a pub to enable you to rehydrate :) Well done getting to week 9.


Well done for getting this far ... only 2 runs left and that shiny badge will be yours to display proudly!!!! Keep going :)


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