The End is Nigh

Well, that's week 8 Run 3 done with. The final 3 days is almost upon me. For the record tonight's was run was 30m 31s distance covered 3.43 miles. OK, OK I know I should slow down, but the simple fact is, I can't. I've often been told I look like Tom Hanks, now I think I'm Forrest Gump. I asked if I should re run week 8 run 2 and general opinion was I should, so I did and now that's week 8 finished. just thought I would share that with my online buddies.

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  • Not long now. Enjoy your last 3runs with Laura :)

  • I will thank you, I ditched Laura at the end of week 6 lol, she talked too much.

  • Well done, I've done w7r2 and ran for 28 mins without Laura, I find it better to listen to my own music now(sorry Laura!). Must admit it is a very good running program. Good luck with your final 3runs before graduation

  • Thank you Webo, I only ditched her because my phone seemed to get confused with C25K running and music, I figured once the intervals had stopped I could do it by my running watch. its the Park Run on Saturday I want to set a decent time at, its just my pride lol I'm not happy at 28m55s, I should be nearer to 25 minutes I figure.

  • Well done. I ditched Laura in week 5 and got on better afterwards, she's not for everyone

  • Well done Hussain, look forward to seeing your graduation post.

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