Slinky's coming out!😊

Yes, all being well, Slinky will be coming out of hospital this afternoon. Will just take a time to get discharged, but she's very chipper and wound drying nicely, chest x-ray fine, has been walking around with me, no! not running yet!😁but has good movement...😊

Be good to get her home, as she's in a ward with 5 other ladies who have lung problems and it's quite sad to see and hear them going through some of their treatment, I'm thinking that most of it will be ongoing always for them, Slinky overheard one of them being told she would die if she doesn't have the treatment, as she's refusing, probably lung cancer or something, we think ourselves lucky!.....


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11 Replies

  • So glad all is well Dave, now onwards and upwards, gives additional focus for going forward😀

    I know those wards Xxx

  • Oh that's so sad isn't it! Fortunately your Slinky will be back home with you today and you'll soon be picking up where you left off.

    Take good care of the patient! I hope she feels better very soon

  • Good news that Slinky is coming home today. She probably could do with some sleep. Rest up both of you, while she recovers. xxx

  • So glad for you both :)

  • Great news. Glad all's looking so positive. Enjoy your evening together.

    And yes, thinking of those whose news isn't so good.

  • Mr and Mrs Dave back together... wonderful news... x Happy healing to her and you take care of you too xxx

  • Great news. :) I'm sure you'll look after her like a pro. Enjoy being back together - and not having to drink hospital coffee any more. :)

  • Puts things in to perspective doesn't it Dave? Glad Slinky is back home with you now. That must be a relief for both of you. Good luck.x

  • So good to hear she is on the mend. It will be a relief to you both to get her back home. Give her our love x

  • You must be relieved to have your love one coming home. Take care.

  • Yay, sounds like Slinky is already fighting back! Hopefully now home and getting lots of TLC... Get well soon, x

    Thanks Dave for the update!

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