Have done c25k twice nearly! mad or what?!😱

Yes, have been out with slinky on all the runs, and have reached graduation run with her, so have that badge ready please RFC...

Looking at Monday at the earliest before she can do 9r3...

Must say I've enjoyed it, reminding me of what I went through when I did it and guiding her along. But I need to be doing some more longer runs..😊

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  • Brilliant..both of you☺ Not mad..just a lovely man..running with his lovely Mrs!☺

    You will be mega fit and ready for your Sprint..and some realllllllly looong runs.

    Good luck MrsDavex

  • Thank you darling floss! Yes, the sprint is coming up in 2 weeks, must admit, have been feeling a tad anxious about it, but hey! I'll just do what I can, and try my best, it is only a mile run!😊....

  • You will rock it☺Totally!

    It is odd though...how you say," only a mile" I do the same,and yet, before C25K, a mile seemed to be a long way!😊

  • Yes, I know, before c25k I could only just about run 30mts..although unfit in that area, my job over nearly 40 years was good for me with being active & the heavy lifting, my arms and legs are now becoming more muscle defined..

  • Floss, are you still in tin tent? Hope weather's been good where you are😊

  • I am☺it has been stunning weather..my run at 7 this morning,( to try out my bashed legs after my fall) simply glorious! managed a slow 4.something K in 26 mins..so..life in the Oldfloss yet😏 whew!

  • Good, but I didn't realise you banged your legs up so much, have an Epsom salts bath when you can, A miss wobble recommendation!😊

  • Well. touch wood. looking okay, but will have a bath + Epsom Salts tomorrow when i get home! x


    I have a fat hip.... seems not to have bruised, but has swelling! Only noticed that this afternoon after my cycle ride! The hip and my knuckles were the most painful after effect!

  • You have been such a gentleman running with her, and always so encouraging too. Maybe run together once or twice a week, then have a solo run each? My daughter started week 1 yesterday but wouldn't let me run with her. I'm so excited at the prospect of running with her when she's more confident.

  • Yes, we plan to run in the lovely parks & commons..

  • Good luck Slinky for Monday😊Well done Dave for your encouragement and advice to Mrs Dave and other c25kers...

    Happy running.

  • Not mad at all. Hope you both enjoy the final run.

  • Aw this is great , Well done Dave & Sue ! :-)

    Bet you've found it a lot easier second time around Dave xxx

  • Ha ha! Yes pops! Can't believe how easy it is now

  • You're a star Dave! Well done the pair of you :)

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