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Hi All, I have been lurking for a few weeks reading and following all the good advice and vicariously enjoying the support. I wanted to post because I have just finished week 5 run 3 and I am feeling very pleased with myself but also worried that it's going to get really hard core from here on in. So far I have completed every run, sometimes only just, sometimes with a very tiny bit left in the bag - but I guess completing is completing even if you feel like you couldn't run another step when you get to the end?


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  • Some people finish each session, some have to repeat some. The programme is designed to get you there, but it's not a race and you can repeat weeks as many times as you feel you need to. Well done on getting this far, Laura hasn't let you down so far has she? Trust her, go slowly and Bob's your uncle!

  • Well done, finishing that first long run of 20 mins is fantastic. Like you I read all the advice and supportive posts for weeks before I joined in and like you have found it very hard going sometimes but I've now just started wk 8 and can't believe I've got this far. I'm always worrying about my next run but if I can do it so can you. I won't pretend it's easy but listen to Laura (and her awful music) and keep reading the forum. You can do it.!

  • You are doing really well. Just keep doing the same and it will all happen! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I'm back to running after a good years lay off due to ill health. I've just completed wk8 r2 this morning. Every run fills me with anxiety that I won't complete it, even though I've completed c25k before and know deep down I can do it! I guess it shows that running is as much a mental challenge as a physical one! Trust the programme it works! Listen to Laura - she will get you through and remember slow and steady wins here, speed will come later as your stamina continues to build once you've graduated. Good luck and keep at it!

  • There were more than one runs where I COULDN'T run another step to finish :) So - I would stop, chalk it up to a 'Practice' run and two days later give it another go :)

    It took me about twelve weeks to graduate and I think I was running about 3.5K.

    Darn few finish the programme 'on time, with distance' believe me :)

    Just take it slow and steady and you will get there. Forget about any notion of 'having to' complete and relax on your runs. Having got this far I can promise you that you WILL get to graduation as long as you don't quit in frustration or - a real danger if you push too hard - end up on the Injury couch. :)

    Every increase in time filled me with doom and gloom - but then I would remember the posts of Graduates who felt the exact same but kept on keeping on...slow....then slower still...

    Hang in there :)

  • vicariously - you are going to fit in well here. :-)

    Welcome to out little community. By now you'll have realised the positivity, camaraderie and enthusiasm that you'll find here. Well done for completing C25K W5r3, that is a real accomplishment. Not long 'til you graduate, but do make certain that you post here often. We'll be here to cheer you along. And if you have something left 'in the bag' when you complete each run, then you've got it about right, I'd say.

  • Well done. Think we all worry about if we can carry on and do the next stage. Like you I didn't post until late into my C25K in case I couldn't do the continuous running. As others say the main thing is getting out the door. I still now after nearly a year have doubts especially in the first few minutes as my body gets used to the running.

    I also very rarely have anything left in the tank to run further at the end but still feel great at achieving what I set out to do. As others say take it as slow as you like and repeat if need be. I now run about 6 1/2K in 45 minutes so that if I only want to go down to 5K it is easier. The main thing is to build up your time and stamina and not worry about speed and distance.

    I don't plan to run marathons but aim to gradually see over next couple of months build up to 8K which is about 5 miles. That will be my limit but I still get great satisfaction and achievement and side effects of good health and habit that is good for me.

    Keep us all posted.

  • First of all very well done for completing that 'long' run of 20 minutes, the first in the programme. Don't worry about what you POSSIBLY can't do because that hasn't happened yet and may never, and concentrate on the amazing things you CAN now do like run for 20 mins non-stop. Like joepublic I never want be a long distance runner but love going to parkrun every week, and resolutely sticking in the beginners group at running club ! Do what makes you happy and don't feel any pressure to go further than that and you'll get there.

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