Finished week 7

Hi everyone.i haven't posted since wk 3 .I'm ready to start week 8 on either Friday or Saturday. Iv had my mam in hospital for 6 weeks after breaking her hip so with being back and forth to hospital and looking after my dad it's taken me a bit longer to get through my runs. Also iv had a horrible cold on top of everything else . So I'm looking forward to starting week 8. i have been trying on the last few minutes of each run to speed up a bit as I'm still a s!ow runner .what stage do you all start to pick up more speed or is this best left till after graduation .😁


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  • Leave it til after! The goal is to get out, you don't ever have to be fast, just running. I hope your mum recovers soon and your cold buggers off! x

  • Thanks . That sounds good to me . 😁.

  • Sorry jamsammich, didn't see your reply until after I'd posted mine; see you are a graduate (puts coat on and leaves quietly)

  • I only graduated just over a year ago so I am still a 'baby' runner (aparrently, lol)

    I think the 30 minute 5k is just an average so I don't worry about being out by a few minutes, at least I get there :)

  • Hi Teresa, I've literally just come back from my W7R3 (now collapsed on sofa drinking diet coke) and will start week 8 on Friday. Sorry to hear about your mam and hope she's on the mend. I went down with a horrible cold just after W7R1 and missed Michael's dulcet tones for 10 days - W7R2 on Monday really hurt! But this one was better - best so far and I managed to speed up at the end. Hopefully a graduate will come along to answer your question re speed, but I am aiming to get 5k under my belt first at my current speed which is around 3.5k in 30 mins (i.e. slow!) and then speed up - I'd like to do a park run but don't want to be last over the line! So I'll be interested to see what replies you get in case I'm doing this all wrong! Good luck with W8R1 - maybe we will graduate together!

  • Thanks for the reply. I done wk 7 run 3 yesterday. I had a cold as well and went 9 days without running because of it.i dreaded going back because I thought I would be having to redo some runs but somehow I managed to get through the week. I'm same I just think I'll wait til iv graduated to speed up. Not long to go now if all goes to plan. Can't believe I came this far .well done to you as well. Were at exact!y same point .

  • How are you doing Teresa? I've just done W8R3 today and am guessing you are there too or thereabouts. Really looking forward to getting W9 done and graduating - yay!

  • Hi.sorry I thought I'd replied to you .I mustn't have pressed submit. Well I done wk8 run 2 on Tuesday and I will be doing run 3 on Thursday. Then starting wk 9 on saturday or maybe Sunday. It's unreal to think how far we've came . My first run of wk 8 was terrible. I think I started off too fast for my normal pace so I became tired quite quickly.i struggled all the way round .I really had to push myself to keep going. But run 2 was much better . Well done on finishing week 8πŸ˜ƒ have you signed up for the park run yet .I'm thinking about it. I'm sure I will be last if I do it that's probably what's holding me back from doing it 😁 are you going to follow any plan after couch2 5 k or just get out there and keep on running πŸƒ

  • Hi Teresa, glad run 2 went better and good luck with run 3 today. I'm off to do W9R1 in a few minutes as sunny here :-). I signed up for park run but not going to do it until I've actually run 5k (my current best is 3.85k (28 mins) so quite a way to go yet lol) and I don't want to be last either but by signing up and getting a bar code I got 10% off new shoes at Intersport :-) Love my new shoes - first 'proper' running shoes :-) :-) been out in them twice now and find my legs don't ache so much afterwards. Re after C25K, I'm going to aim to run 3 times a week and build up to 5k. Then I think I will look at getting faster and probably do the C25k+ podcasts, but just want to get to 5k first. Do you have a plan? I definitely need to have some sort of plan otherwise I may end up losing motivation and not bothering to run.

  • Hi hope your run went well. So I finished wk 8 today. Doing my first wk 9 on saturday or Sunday . I think I'm same I will have to follow a plan after graduating so that I don't loose motivation to get out. I like to go early on a morning so I haven't got any excuse not to go. I do enjoy it once I start though. So I didn't realise you could sign up to park run and then choose when to go. I was assuming that you just signed up for one run. You can tell I'm new to all this 😁. I might have a look at that today and then set a goal for doing a park run . New shoes sound like a good plan . I got new running shoes after the first week because my trainers were just too heavy . Best thing I done really as it made a difference to my legs as well .

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