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Newbie diary

So rather than loads of new posts, im going to keep a diary post (which might repeat bits of previous posts)

Week 1

Day 1 - Ive been calorie counting for a while and this morning was my lowest weight in years. A good confidence boost to get me out and finally start the C25k that ive been considering for ages. It was wet and windy but I pushed myself out the door and I completed Wk1R1. I was pretty pleased with myself even though I didnt manage all the running sections, not sure if i really couldnt complete them or just nervous about pushing myself too far. Will try and push a little more next time

Day 2 - My weight is up a pound or so, nothing too concerning, and not enough to put me off the program. In fact today I decided to add strength and flex into some of my rest days and completed the first podcast. I found it so much easier than running but I can definitely feel the benefit. Couple of aches and pains hanging around after run one, the one around my hip and groin is really quite mild but its one im going to keep a specific eye on as some of my joints can be hyper mobile so I need to be careful. Gearing up for Wk1R2 tomorrow

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That's the way to do it!!

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Day3 - My weight is still the same as yesterday so all good there so now time for Wk1R2. I am planning my runs for my lunchbreaks but as ive got an appointment this afternoon and a half day I brought my run forward to pre work. I am so proud of myself, I took the advice from the forums and slowed myself down and paced myself so much better, I actually ran all 8 sections. I even went a little further than my last run at 2.7km compared to 2.6km in Wk1R1. Maybe I wont need to repeat week 1 after all. On to strength and flex again tomorrow, and looking forward to it. Ive never done 3 days in a row of physical activity in my adult life and im actually enjoying it.

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Day 4 - Jumped on the scales this morning and I am down 1/4lb in weight so at least im not gaining. Slow and steady loss is what im aiming for so its looking ok, Ive already lost over 20lbs through diet so I wasnt expecting anything massive in my first week. Mood wise, I had a nightmare morning and generally feeling down in the dumps because of it, weird thing was it made me want to go out for a run (what is going on there?) but I ran yesterday and dont want to myself an injury so just stuck to strength and flex. Feeling better now ive done it, really wishing Id started this whole program sooner but I guess you only succeed at anything when your head's in the right place to do it. Better late than never. Wk1R3, im coming to get you tomorrow :)


Day 5 - Another 1/4lb off this morning so all moving the right direction. Decided to change my route for today, rather than looping round the same bit a few times im doing one big loop. Sounded like a good idea but i live in the lower part of the estate, so its a bit hilly but nothing too bad. The new route takes me up to the top of the estate, so lots more uphill and I really found it tough. I did complete everything though and even though Im telling myself im nuts i will stick to the new route, my fitness will catch up with me in the end. Another 2.7k today but I took about 34 minutes rather than the 30 to cover the distance, all those hills slowed me down a bit but gives me an aim to complete the route in my podcast time. Overall though, a really tough one, strength and flex tomorrow and a full rest on sunday ready to start week 2. Hoping the different walk / run split times will mean starting a run at the bottom of a hill less often, but we will find out on monday. Can hardly believe ive made it this far already.


Today is the start of week 2 but since I haven't updated over the weekend i'll put on this little catch up. Week 2 day 1 will get posted once I've completed my run.

Day 6 - I didn't weigh this morning, had a lie in and then off shopping with my mum and sister. I didn't run or do strength and flex but I'm scheduled one full rest day a week, and this was it. I did walk about 8000 steps up around the shopping centre though, so not a complete rest

Day 7 - Didn't weigh again today, but I did complete my strength and flex week 1 so I've now finished the first week in both programs, back to running tomorrow. Feeling super proud of myself for sticking with it. Expecting a tough day tomorrow


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