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After thinking about starting the C25k plan for several months I finally got my a*** into gear and signed up to a gym. I'm not too keen on running out in the cold so thought it best to start on the treadmill and then when I've completed the 9wks try road running. Now I know its going to be a lot different than treadmill running but I'll prepare myself for that once I get outside.

I'm not a fan of exercising or going to the gym but I think that was just because I never really got the results I was looking, I never noticed any change from what I was doing. I expect that will be different when running as I'll be able to notice changes with distance and speed and hopefully my weight and health.

I've just completed W1R2. I forgot my ipod so had to go solo and may have under/over ran on parts although I'm not feeling too achey today, that maybe down to proper streching though as I didn't on run 1 and ached for 2 days!

Due to do run3 on Sunday and oddly looking forward to it !!??

I'd welcome any tips with regards to reducing aches and pains as that is also probably what puts me off doing any kind of exercise.

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Well done so far. :-) Stretching before and after is the best thing to do to stop aches and pains. I have just completed W1 and I'm looking forward to week 2. :-)


Well done on starting - that's a battle in itself ;) As caz said above, stretching is important to reduce the aches and pains. I'm on W4 and still get achey calf muscles, but with some good stretches after my runs they feel much better!

Good luck


Well lots of people swear by stretching, and I'm sure it's very good for you, but I've hardly ever done any, and have got to the end of week 8 without any real aches or pains! My trick is to run very very slowly, with little steps, landing on the middle of my foot. Not speedy, but it's getting me much fitter.

It's great when you discover you actually enjoy exercise! I was always the bottom of the class for anything PE-wise, so it's amazing for me to be able to run for 30 minutes now, and enjoy most of it. Have fun, and do blog on here - it's really good to see new people getting started. :)


Hi there, good advice above, why don't you try a different routine until you find "the one" for you. I warm up, stretch, roll my legs, warm up, run, cool down, stretch, roll my legs. Hey presto job done! Oh and don't forget to have some energy ( banana ) and a drink about an hour before.

Hmmmmm! Sounds complicated but! It isn't

All the best



thanks for your comments guys much appreciated. I found some stretch "routines" online for after a run and they seem to help and also found something on dynamic stretching which I have been doing and incorporating the leg roll (thanks dale) and haven't ached on my last 2 runs so somethings working :)


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