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Incoming newbie!

I successfully finished Week 1 on Sunday, and I'm really looking forward to running when I get home from work today. I'm going to repeat Week 1 because I want to take this slow, and my stamina is next to non-existant. But I'm feeling good about the programme so far.

I'm putting this all down here so I have something to come back to later and hopefully help to chart my progress.

So, what do I want out of this?

1. Improved mood/increased energy.

2. Fitter, stronger and with more stamina.

3. To wave goodbye to maybe 15lb of fat around my hips, tummy and butt.

4. To feel better about myself.

(I must say that after only one week of this, I certainly feel that last one already! I think it's helping with goal no. 1 as well...)

Around 8 years ago, I lost 4stone by changing my lifestyle. It took two years, and my lifestyle after wasn't perfect, but I was active and the weight stayed off. Then I got an office job, I became a bit of a lifeless lump, and I've gained back a portion of the wobble that I lost.

As for the Week 1 runs, the first one was knackering, but I surprised myself by managing it! I didn't use the podcasts because I forgot to download them in time, so I kept time using a watch, and accientally went on for 25 mins rather than 20 of the walk-run-walk portion because I mis-remembered the info on the website! It was exhausting and I plodded along very slowly, but it was good, and my legs didn't ache like they usually do after exercising. The other Week 1 sessions were good too, and I'm looking forward to re-doing those this week (with the poscasts this time, if I remember to download them when I get home!), and to moving on to Week 2 next Monday.

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Hi Fred23! I'd encourage you to move on to week 2, trust in Laura - if you completed W1 I promise you'll be able to do W2. Soon you'll be addicted like the rest of us :)


Thanks :) I'm sure you're right. I know how unfit I am though. Still, yesterday's run was markedly easier than last weeks' runs!


I agree with sankyu. most people feel terribly unfit at the end of every week and wonder how they are going to do the next one, but find it's amazing when they do! Trust in the programme and if you did week 1, it's certain you'll be able to do wk 2. The walk should be brisk enough to prevent yourself from breaking into a trot, and the run should be just a little faster so don't go mad and you'' find your body responds. :) Look forward to hearing you achieved it this time next week :)


I might bring starting Week 2 forward to tomorrow, it certainly feels more possible after yesterday's run went well.


Hi Fred. I did a 4th week 1 run then moved onto week 2 today. Maybe you could try that (with the aid of the podcast)? Week 2 run 1 was tough - thought I wasn't going to make it through the final run - but I got there. In hindsight, I don't think it was any tougher than my previous ones, it was just a mental block. Moving on to a new week is a challenge, I think. But we passed the biggest challenge by starting c25k, so just remind yourself that you can do it. Best wishes and let us know how you get on.


That's good to know, thankyou :)

I did 4 week 1 runs in week 1 becuase I began on a Monday. I did make the final run yesterday 90 seconds to see if I could do it, and I could. I downloaded the podcasts finally, just need to sort the technical issues with my iPod. I'll think about bringing the start of Week 2 to tomorrow. I'd really rather go slow and make sure I don't discourage myself.


Yes, I got excellent support here when I joined the blogs wondering if I should move on to Week 2 when it had taken me weeks to work up to completing 3 week 1 sessions. "Nah" they said "Give Week 2 a go" So I did. I seriously thought that it would be a 9 month programme rather than a 9 week one in my case and that was OK. But I moved on to Week 2... and then in three runs to Week 3 and so on. Wow.

Week 1 is *hard*. If you have completed 3 week 1 sessions, that's the definition of ready for Week 2. Well, unless you have your leg in plaster... Thing is, yes, you run for longer at a time, but you don't have so many runs. I still find Week 1 curiously hard!


I must admit, after 4 Week 1 runs later week, yesterday's run was so much easier!

I'm considering starting week 2 tomorrow, if I can get the podcast onto my iPod (it's being awkward about it!).


Did you download from the NHS site or from iTunes? Presumably getting the podcasts from iTunes should make putting them on your iPod as easy as iTunes usually is. ;)


The NHS site. I can't use iTunes any more as my Mac broke, and it won't work with Ubuntu. My Ubuntu laptop and the iPod are talking to each other, I just can't get anything transferred over. I'll sort it out this evening.


Hi, Fred....Glad to meet you. You are doing great...already a week ticked off! I'd give W2R1 a go...if it REALLY seems too much, no harm dropping back. Always important to listen to your body (not necessarily to your Those first few weeks are're asking a lot of your body...and it's saying, "Whaaaaaa...?!?!"

Let us know how it goes. This is a good place to have a moan, or to get cheered up or on (depending how that last run went).

Good running to you.....


Thankyou! Amazingly, yesterday's run went really well. Think I'll give Week 2 a go tomorrow and see what happens!


That's fantastic. I'm so glad I moved onto week 2 instead on staying on week 1 longer, like I considered.


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