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Hi all, this is a daft post, but having attempted the CouchTo5k three times before in the last year and never getting past the 2 interval jog without stopping or quitting, today was a big day for me πŸ˜€ I managed to complete the whole of day 1 without stopping or quitting πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I struggled with the last 2 jogs with my breathing but think that has more to do with me being on the tail end of bronchitis lol.

Doesn't anyone have any advice for bad knees tho, as this is the one thing that I really struggle with and I don't want them to stop me from finishing this now I've started πŸ˜€ X


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  • Hi Melly! Hmm... Why do you say it's a daft post? It's a brilliant post- you have got W1R1 done and dusted, HUZZAH! Love your positivity, too - keep hanging around here and we'll be behind you all the way :)

    I'd say that if you have problems with your knees, ask your doctor/at Boots if there is any kind of support you could use, and take it easy. We all try to go too fast, and the mantra here is "slow down, then slow down some more". Particularly if you're still bugged by bronchitis. Take one day at a time. You've got this! Keep us posted...

  • Thank u, I've always had issues with my knees and to be honest my weight doesn't help it, so I'm combining this with the NHS 12 week plan to try and help them. I take anti inflammatories for them but wasn't sure if anyone else has this problem and if they had any advice. I'm icing them after the run so hopefully it won't be a problem for too long. I will def keep u all posted and hopefully won't be long before I'm graduating 😜

  • If you are combining with the 12 week plan then you have the ideal combination for losing weight, changing your diet and getting exercise into your regular routine. AND getting hooked on one of the best sports ever, to say nothing of the forum here, which is one of my favourite places to hang out in the whole wide world. Looking forward to reading about your next run!

  • I just finish Wk1 R1 as well, or at least I was out for the 30 minutes but I couldnt complete all the jogs so if you managed them all a massive well done to you.

    No advice on the knees, but hope they dont give you too much bother, sounds like you are off to a great start

  • Aw well done to u too. This is the first time I've managed to complete then entire session with all the jogs tho πŸ˜€

    Keep up with yours and we'll both be smashing these jogging sessions soon 😜

  • Hi Well done you, your starting an amazing journey with the support of a brilliant network of people. My knee was niggley and had to repeat a few runs and a couple of weeks. I started the plan back in August and have only just reached week 8, so keep going. I brought a knee support from Amazon which supports above and below the knee cap it is from ultimate performance. One of my best running purchases. I don't use it all the time now as my body is adapting to running. Good luck keep us posted with your progress, it really helps to keep in touch.

  • Excellent! Well done you! On the way again! But this time. you are going to do it, because we are all here with you! :)

    Slow, slower and slowest! That is, as mfamilias says, the way to go. the knees, they are pests, or can be... so massage, exercises and if necessary some knee support.

    Just take it slow and see how you go ?

  • Hi Mellyr85 well done on starting the C25K , I too suffer with bad knees, I rub Ibuleve gel on inflamed areas regularly which really helps and when I start my runs I do a really, slow light jog for the first couple as that's when my knees give most discomfort. After that I build up the speed slightly for the rest of that sessions runs, I never do more than a jog though and it is slow. I find that following Laura has enabled me to jog far more than ever before as she tells you the correct pace and method. So good luck and just be aware of your body, the programme isn't a race. I've found it works well with the 12 week plan too and the support here is great. Good luck!

  • Hi Lessofme,

    Thank u for your reply, I will def make the jogs a bit slower and hopefully that will help. Thank u πŸ˜€

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