I Only Went and Did It!

Did it! I did it! I finished and I can't quite believe it. Decided as this was my graduation run rather than run for 30 minutes I would deviate from the excellent programme for the first time and actually run for 5K. Stuck to my usual speed on the treadmill and finished in 36:52 - so it truly has been couch to 5K. I'm so pleased I tried this plan and genuinely proud of myself for actually finishing (although of course this really is just the beginning). Time to get that little green badge!

Oh my God - I have a PB!!


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  • Well done derbydoc! It's a great feeling isn't it? I can remember in the summer also deviating from the plan in week nine and keeping going to set a benchmark.Since mid august I have kept going but it's harder without a specific goal. I have registered with parkrun but not yet tried them out but it sounds like a good way to keep motivated.Anyway congratulations again and go tell everyone you meet today!

  • Congratulations very well done.

  • Congratulations, brilliant to get the 5k too (I haven't yet!) and a great time. You'll have a big smile on your face for days!

  • well done congratulations. Not a bad time either!

  • Hi derbydoc,

    well done on your success!! these types of posting helps us that are not far behind to keep going! thanks.

    I'm on W6R3 (tomorrow), i feel I've not had much difficulties with the program so far, most probably because as much as I'd love to run outside i can't due to living in the Middle-East. Temperatures in the summer are constantly above 45 degrees (hot!), even at night you still get 30 degrees, so I use the treadmill.

    There aren't many posts about people using the treadmill in the C25K community, so I've not been able to ask what is a normal speed to walk/run and what speed I should be aiming for. You said you ran 5K and finished in 36:52, what speed did run?

    I walk at 6-6.5 (1% incline) and run at 9-9.3 (0.5% incline). I'm not sure whether these numbers are miles/hour or just a setting.

    Like you I'm not training for time but more for the 5K, regardless in what time.

    I'll be leaving this hot and sticky region on Jan or Feb next year to move to North Cyprus, so I'm really training to be able to run outdoors as soon as I get there, before that (as Laura say's) I would like to be a "Runner" and not start my training in a beautiful place.

    Once again Well Done!, enjoy being a Runner!

  • Hi Maima,

    I have completed W5R2 and have done all my runs on a treadmill so far. I usually do my walks at between 6.2 - 6.4 Km/h and my runs depending on length between 9.5 - 10 Km/h. I don't have any incline.

    So our walking and running pace is quite similar.

    Good luck with W6R3 :-)

  • Hi Fastbowler,

    Thanks for your reply. That's put me at an ease to know that I'm not far off. With the early runs (the shorter ones) i was doing my runs at 10mph but when I got to W5R3 (20mins run) I decided to take it down a notch to 9.3mph, following Laura advise not to go too fast, keep a steady pace, which was good advice. I completed the run feeling not totally knackered and actually enjoyed it, I think that was one of my best runs so far.

    Good luck with your W5R3 and the rest of the program!

  • Congratulations. Look forward to seeing your little green badge marking your BIG achievement.

  • Congratulations on discovering the programme, starting and getting out there!

  • Thank you for all your kind comments. The forum has really helped and inspired me (and now my little green badge has pride of place!)

  • Congratulations, derbydoc - your green badge is all shiny and beautiful!

  • Congratulations! That seems like a really good time for 5k as well.

  • Fantastic! Well done - as you say - not the end, but a beginning.

  • Congratulations!

  • Well done DerbyDoc! I graduate today from the 30 mins, but still haven't yet managed 5K. That's my next goal, well done you!!!

  • Congratulations! It feels great when you first run for 5K doesn't it?

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