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Finally off the IC

Have had few set backs over the last 5-6 weeks meaning no running.

So this morning was my first chance of going out for a run. Ohh how I have missed the peace and tranquility of my morning runs. Played it safe today and did Week 6 Run 2, the 2 10 minute runs and 3 minute walk, just to see if I needed to go back further.

However I successfully did the whole session with no problems, in fact I did more than the 10 minutes on the second run as I wanted to complete a full circuit of the field I was using. What was suprising was how comfortable the pace was and when I checked on my tracker I was doing around the same 12min/mile pace as I was doing when I stopped.

Roll on to the next run when I am going to go for the 3rd run of week 6.

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Lovely to have you back on track.

The mornings... they are beautiful. :) I have just been out, and the solitude and tranquillity, as you say... peaceful and yet energising ..

Well done you,,, onward and upward? :)


It's great to be back isn't it? Onwards and upwards but listen to your body. Enjoy.


Been chomping at the bit for the last 4 weeks, but nothing was going my way. Pulled my right calf muscle working on a shed then 10 days later did the left calf muscle bending over the engine of my car doing some work on it.

Lots of rest and recovery. So annoying when you get up and see beautiful sunrises and weather. Now I am fit'ish again its pitch black in the mornings.

Lets see what the weekend brings. Run Saturday morning, then a day of riding on old buses sampling real ales all over here on the island.


Well done Andy! That sounds just perfect. What a return! Great stuff. Ease yourself steadily back into it and very soon it will be just like you were never away. Being on the injury couch seems like an eternity at the time but in the bigger scheme of things it really isn't

Have fun on your next run. Go steady!


That's great Andy. It's a fantastic feeling to get back out there and find your legs still remember how to run!



Well after 2 weeks I am virtually back to my 30 minutes of running 3 times a week. Admittedly I am still taking it easy by doing three 10 minutes runs with a 2 minute walk between them. Just want to make sure that the reason for getting on the IC first time does not happen.

Feels good to be able to be running on grass although the 4am runs have turned into 6pm runs during the week as it was to dark to safely run around the field. Trying to avoid pavements for the moment. Thinking new running shoes might be needed as feet getting damp from the rain/dew.


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