I want off the IC now!

Evening running buddies. Sorry I haven't been here much as work has been very busy. Not great news from the Physio today. I still have Post Tibial Tendonitis. Here's the latest

Me - Managed a 2 mile run/walk last night calf/ankle was fine while running. Physio and how is it today? Me: Sore but not as bad as it's been. Physio: Don't run if it is sore. Increase your distance by no more than 10% each week. Keep doing your stretching exercises and here are some strength ones. No more 10ks for you. Me: So how long is it going to take to fix it. Physio: 8-10 weeks as long as you don't overdo it but make sure you load the tendon or it could take longer.

So summary. You can run if it doesn't hurt. Do your exercises and you can cross/train. Ensure you have a rest day. This will take a looooonnnnggggg time. See you next week


Hope you are all enjoying your running it's a major pain when you can't

Not GettingFitter at the moment ;-)


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27 Replies

  • Oh no. That's sad news. What a shame. But you will get better. It's not forever. I can feel your frustration though :( but you are doing everything right. Sighing for you.

  • Thanks Lou. I'm just not a great patient ;-)

  • I know. I'm not either. No such thing as a patient patient !!!

  • Aww GF - that's pants! so sorry the news isn't better. I don't blame you for sounding so fed up. In a few months time you will be able to look back on this as a temporary blip in your running career. Try to be patient in the meantime And get better soon.

  • Thanks Ullyrunner.

  • Sending you big hugs G , and a massive PAH !

    Get better soon xxx

  • Cheers PP - weekend tomorrow so more relaxing

  • Oh ruddy eck! You must be well peed off. hang in there GF cos you know you can't afford to make it worse so you just have to take a chill pill mate. it won't be too long now

  • will do MW not much choice really ;-)

  • Thanks Kat - one day at a time ;-)

  • Sorry to hear that GF,its nice to hear that you can get out in small doses, im sure you'll be sensible as its for the best, but what a B****R for you. Take care wont you and keep us posted, hugs for you and Rico :x

  • Thanks Ali Rico is wondering what's going on

  • Sympathies GF. Thought you'd escaped the IC :( Seems to me that thinking you're ok and then finding you're not is worse than knowing you're stuck here for the long haul. I'll shove up and make room for you again x

  • Thanks EM sorry to be back

  • Oh no GF - that's rubbish news :(. I'll shift along on my throne again then. Still waiting for my ultrasound appointment...

  • Hope it goes well Ali

  • That is a pity but look how fast 9 weeks went with the programme so 7/8 weeks will fly by. Just look on it as a slightly different training programme without Laura! Keep the chin up there is a large light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Thanks Nelly

  • I'll shift up as well. Been here since January and now totally fed up so know how you feel. Be good, don't push it or you will regret it.

  • Sorry to hear that Jo. Hope you are on the mend

  • Physio has handed me over to the chiropractor- now have a nice bruise on my hip! Hopefully she will sort me out.

  • Ouch that sounds sore. Hope you feel better soon

  • Thanks. Nice to see you managed a pain free run. Don't go too mad though.

  • I so sorry to hear that, I really thought you were off that couch...what a shame. Hugs for you xx

  • Thanks Curly I needed that

  • :( sad news indeed. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  • Thanks LF

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