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Confirmed. Off the IC properly now

Having been on the IC for 6 weeks I came off it about 2 weeks ago. Thought I would be very much off it so took it steady with shorts runs and walks. Started on week 6 then moved up once all good.

So today at 410am I ventured out in the fog tomy usual running ground. Very darkbut with Laura in my ears I set off. Just before 5am I returned having completed a week 9 run with an average pace of 13min/mile. Felt so good to be back again and not have issues afterwards.

Looking forward to Sunday when I will be out again. However I might need some waterproof shoes soon as mine are not when running on wet morning grass.

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Very, very well done... taking it steady is the right way to go. Sounds like a great run and no ill effects. :)


Welcome back and enjoy your return 🙂


That's great to hear - how nice to be back!


Wow. And I feel virtuous going out at 6am. Very inspiring.


A beautiful morning to go running this morning as it was a little light after the clock change.

Set out to do my 30 minutes around the field I run on. Used Strava to walk it a few days ago so now have it as a segment to see how I am doing. It says its a 0.2mile circuit and I did 9 in total doing each one with a few seconds each way of 3m50s, means I ran for nearly 35 minutes. If not for needing to go home to get ready for work would have done another lap or two.

Really happy that I have got back to it and able to keep to a pace that is fairly constant. Admittedly there are no inclines but my Saturday one has a long steady one that I do.

Roll on Thursday, might be a bit colder and crisp underfoot though in the morning for the run.


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