Potentially a major setback


My next run is R3 of W9 and I was really excited about it, until today.

I have a long term lung condition (not cancer) which doesn't affect me at all - I'm asymptomatic and feel great, but I have been treated with antibiotics for nearly 8 months, and have 3 months of this treatment left.

I saw my doctor today and she wants me to have a CT scan in 3 months' time. She said that if the condition is still progressing, and hasn't been cured by the drugs, I will have to have a lobectomy (I will lose a third of my right lung).

I know there are one or two people who've managed to carry on running after this type of surgery but I am nearly 51 and doubt I'll be able to, realistically.

I just have to pray that my condition has not progressed.

Sorry for the gloomy post :-(


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  • Sorry to hear this Northernlass. You must follow your doctors advice and try and stay positive. If you are allowed, carry on running and graduate.

    You won't really know what you will be capable of in the future depending on the outcome of your CT. Keeping a positive frame of mind will help with all aspects. Please keep posting as we would all like to offer our support to you.

    Next thing still Week 9 R3.

    Take care. x

  • Thanks for replying Jan. I really appreciate it. I am really loving running and wish I'd done C25K years ago. I feel fitter, full of energy , can run for the bus much more easily :-) - and I've lost 5lbs even though I still gorge on chocolate. Running has made me feel great and I've been telling all my friends about it.

    On the plus side, I'm still allowed to run and be as active as I wish, which will help to keep me positive. Even if I do have to have the surgery, the fitter I am the better I will cope and recuperate, so I intend to keep on keeping on whatever happens.

  • Attagirl.... you're doing fantasically well considering your condition ๐Ÿ˜Š and its making you happy and fitter. I started late too (56) it would have been great to have done this years ago!

    Now get that badge...x

  • It's good to hear from a fellow 50-something - I guess we are late bloomers!

    I will get the badge :-)

  • Will keep finger crossed (and pray) for you.

  • That sounds like a bit of a Damocles-sword hanging over you. You still have at least 3 months of running though, probably longer even if you do have to have an operation. There are people on here who have bounced back after many hardships and I'm sure you'll be one if them. You have 2 lungs, losing a third of one still leaves you with most of your lung capacity (although I think the right lung is bigger). Here's hoping that everything is OK, we're all crossing our fingers.

  • Thanks John and Jaysee.

  • If they are taking it out because it hasn't responded to treatment I suspect that bit of lung hasn't been contributing much to your running anyway.

    Talk to your doctors - I'd be very surprised if they weren't happy for you to continue running before and after the op.

  • Sounds like a gloomy doctor, I wouldn't want to know what awaits in 3 months time as you never know what could happen in the meantime. If you feel able, just keep running and getting a little fitter as it will stand you in good stead if the operation does happen.

    Do you have a Buff? I find they are great for covering your airways when you run, keeping anything warmer, more moist and not so constricted by the cold. I'll send you one if it could cheer up your day! Try to stay positive and enjoy your walks and runs.

    No, I'm not quite 50 but not that far off frighteningly! I still feel 25 inside, am going the running will make my outer get nearer to matching that!

  • Oh dear, sorry to hear that. I hope it doesn't come to that though. It's by no means definite yet so fingers crossed for you.

    Have you read up on Google about other folks with this condition and if they are running in spite of it. There will probably be a facebook page or website for fellow sufferers which could be a source of info for you

    There might be someone here who has experience of this and can advise you. Hope so!

    Meanwhile you still have the small matter of run 3 week 9 to sort out. Good luck with it. Let us know how it goes. You will do it won't you. You've come this far. Nearly there now

  • Aww, so sorry that you have got that hanging over you and fingers crossed for a good outcome.

    Don't despair, you can take advice on what you can manage if the worst happens - they may feel it will really help your lung capacity. You can always adapt what you do to suit their advice - maybe a bit of run/walk to keep your breath under control.

    See how it goes and enjoy your running in the meantime.

  • Sorry to hear this - the silver lining I suppose is that you probably slowed down the progress of the disease by exercising and having an healthy life-style. After surgery, you might be surprised how well you are recovering and keeping positive is crucial.

    Best of luck and perhaps try to carry on until the surgery if your doctor says it's ok?


  • Sorry to hear about your lung complaint, but your amazing to get to where you are, really! Well done! Now for Graduation!๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Lots of sensible advice here. I think it is so important to be as fit as possible if you have the prospect of surgeryand even if you don't. One of my friends had major surgery and she was very unfit and this has really slowed down her recovery. All the best to you and just enjoy running and the badge.

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