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Seriously...did I just do that?!!!


Started this in April and running even 30 seconds was sooo hard. It’s taken me 5 months but today did graduation run and it felt brilliant!

Have gone from a sixty something struggling with a lung condition to a joyous (very slow) runner. It has changed my life so thank you C25K and fabulous posters on this forum. Just hope I can keep up the discipline without Sarah M to spur me on. Any advice on post graduation regime?

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Whoop whoop

Well done you!!!!!


Lousylungs in reply to Redtracey

Thanks Redtracey I actually ran for 40 mins as I was enjoying it so much! Who’d have thought it!


Congratulations! Very well deserved and proving age, asthma and even another lung condition aren’t barriers that can’t be overcome.

Where next? It depends if you have aspirations to go beyond 5k there’s b210k on here, and if not, consolidation and a 5k running plan may be the way to go (they still involve going longer but not as often) or maybe you want to maintain fitness and not worry about a particular distance. There’s no Sarah, but there are apps to track, coach, and even guide you on runs.

For now, do some very well deserved celebrating!

Thanks for the advice. Not getting to 5K yet so I guess my target should be increasing my speed. But yes maintaining fitness is my prime goal.

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to Lousylungs

Speed will come, try going one mile faster than you do one day... then your normal two runs, week after do a 32 minute and normal 2 runs... you’ll build speed and the endurance in your legs at the same time.

Ok thanks will try that


Excellent work! Well done to you that's some achievement! Once you've basked in the glory of what you've done the running world is your oyster! Personally I consolidated by just running 5k however long it took me just to say that I could do it. A great place to do that is parkrun (if you have one nearby) they're friendly, inclusive, free and totally unpressured. This site has lots of advice for the next step whether you want to stick at up to 5k or go for 10k or half marathons. Good luck to you!

Lousylungs in reply to lardofale

Thank you! Yes there is a park run near me but I can’t do 5k yet so was a bit worried about doing that yet.


Terrific stuff. Really well done 😃😃😃

I only finished a week ago and so have repeated week9 run3 (or 1 or 2) listening to the app again. I'm really slow, so I'm just trying to speed up a little. I started out just trying to get fitter after radiotherapy so realistically whatever speed I reach, I'm doing what I set out to.

Thank you yes I am really slow too so will just aim to improve fitness. You obviously also have had health issues too so congratulations on a great achievement 👏


Many congratulations. Know how you feel - graduated today as well !!

Lousylungs in reply to BellaJ

Fantastic congratulations to you too 🙌


Consolidation, consolidation, that is the way that you should go from here... To the tune of Congratulations... but...that is for after the party!

Huge well done you.... celebrate your success and know that we will be right here to help you move on:)

Lousylungs in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you so much you do an amazing job encouraging novice runners.


Many congratulations on your graduation fellow runner.

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful

Keep running, keep smiling.

Thank you for the link. Winter will be the big test!


Amazing! Well done you. 👏👏👏

Lousylungs in reply to Jenny567

Thank you 😊

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