W4R3 completed! :)

Hey guys/gals,

I managed to get out and complete my final run of week 4 earlier this evening, and I must say that I am now finding it easier to recover (breathing wise) after the running bits, which is great.

Before I started c25k I really did think I would be struggling with my breathing and during my first few weeks I really was panting like I had only one lung and sweating like I had just stepped into a sauna! I am not getting that anymore. The only concern I have is my lower legs, which feel like they have massive weights attached to them after I have been running on them for more than around 5 minutes.

I completed my final week 4 run in the same spot as last time (parked on ASDA car park in Hayle and basically ran all the way round the car park and building).

I am dreading this coming week! I'm not so bothered about the first 2 runs of week 5 (as you probably know, all 3 runs in week 5 are different to each other, so you're not just repeating the same run all week like you do in the other weeks) but the last one is going to be a nightmare as I will need to run 20 minutes non-stop!! I think that is finally going to be the point where (for the first time) I will fall short of completing a week successfully and I will need to repeat it. I really don't feel that I have that much stamina in me at the moment and it's only 6 days away! Only time will tell I guess, but if I am right and I need to repeat the week, then so be it. Wish me luck...because I'm going to need it!

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  • Okay, I have to admit that I found R3 of W5 tough! Psychologically it is tough but what helped was having decent music to listen to because it's a good distraction.

    I think more than anything R3 was a shock for me as I hadn't expected to start running in a solid block of time so soon (I didn't read up on the details first so only found out when the lovely Jo Whiley announced it as I started out on R3 - yikes!). But you will be okay, really you will.

    Think positive and just have a go at it - you could always repeat W5 if you want to but first just see how you get on. You might surprise yourself. Take it slowly and pace yourself.

    I'm on W9 now and every single week I've felt unprepared for the next stage but have approached each one with a "let's see how it goes" mindset, knowing I can always repeat a week if need be. And I'm 50 and asthmatic! If I can do it anybody can.

    So good luck!

  • Thanks northernlass! :)

    Yeah, I think I've always approached each week with a certain amount of dread thinking, am I really ready for stepping up to this coming week? But so far I have attempted them and completed them as well, so you never know. I will indeed have a go, and like you say, if I struggle and don't complete it then I will take a rest day and attempt it again, and so on if needs be!

    Well done on getting to week 9 by the way. That's just great!

    All the very best with your graduation from c25k! :)

  • Thanks Lee - as a dedicated couch potato I never thought I'd get here but I guess stranger things have happened! I can so relate to what you're saying and was always amazed to get through each week and terrified of the next one. I think this programme is just as much about overcoming our mental barriers as it is about pushing ourselves beyond our physical limits! Good luck and let us know how your W5 goes. :-)

  • Thanks again northernlass! :) I certainly will be giving it a go, and will be very eager to post about the success...if it goes to plan! ;)

  • None of the stages looked possible to me, but they all are. :) It does not matter much how many times a person has a "practice run" really cos it's still running to the full limit of ones ability :)

  • Absolutely! :)

    Well, if I am not up to it and find it too much I will just do as some others have done and simply repeat them until I am able to complete them...however long that takes! :)

  • Can't say any more than has been said already really. You are physically capable, the programme has prepared you but it's more the mental block we erect thinking about the length of time. The only advice I can give (as a fellow heavy, heaveeeee legs sufferer) is start as slow as you can and keep it slow. Even now, I find it takes about 15 min for the heaviness to dissipate as the oxygen reaches my legs! Good luck and enjoy it :)

  • Thanks for that McFitty! :) Yup, I will be giving it a damn good go and only time will tell if I really do have the stamina for running a whole 20 minutes non-stop...my god, just writing that down sends a shiver down my back! lol

  • Don't know if this will help or not Lee337 but I cheated on run 3! What I did was run to the run 2 podcast and then just keep going through the 5 minute walking bit. So effectively I ran for 21 minutes but because I already knew I could complete run 2, it fooled the gremlins and my negative thoughts!

  • Hmmm...interesting idea...I like it! :)

    I will be giving it a damn good try as it is in the programme to start off with, but if I fail (hopefully I won't!) then I might try stealing your idea and I will do something similar. Thanks! :)

  • You're definitely ready and I think you'll surprise yourself.

  • Thanks ench0! :)

    I hope you are right there, and I can tell you that if I do manage to complete 20 minutes without dropping to the floor, I will indeed be surprised...more surprised than I think I've ever been in my life!

  • I had exactly the same attitude before my W5R3. Seriously overweight, borderline asthmatic, ex-smoker, I managed not 20 but 40 minutes in my graduation run on Sunday to reach that famous 5K.

  • Nice one. Well done mate! :)

    Did you manage to complete w5r3 as planned then or did you have to repeat it at all?

  • Didn't have to repeat. I listened to the advice of wise people who did it before me. What they were saying is 'go slow and then even slower'. I started running so slow that at the moments I thought I was going backwards. 😂

    But then after 10 mins or so you find your stride. Then you increase the pace. Then you run like a wind. 😱

    But seriously, continue slow and try increasing the pace occasionally. If you can barely cope with it, go back to original slow pace. But trust me, most of the times it is just in your head; you'll be like 'my legs are not that bad, I am breathing normally, I totally got this'. Talk to yourself and keep running. 😀

  • I certainly will give it a go mate, thanks for that! :)

    Yeah it's true, I have definitely surprised myself a few times already in getting this far, so I guess w5r3 is no different, eh?

  • Last piece of advice: depending on how you feel take extra day off before that run. I did it and it ment a lot - more psychologically than anything else. Now focus on your next run and don't worry what's coming after that.

  • Hmmm...hadn't thought of that. That's definitely a possibility. Cheers ench0! :)

  • Hi Lee can't really add much more but have a little faith and believe you can do this and you will crack it. If it helps try and find somewhere else to run your routes and that might make it easier.

  • Thanks manofkent! :)

    I do hope you're right. I hadn't thought about trying a different route. Is that what you do, and does it really help to run somewhere new?

  • You should be okay I know as I am 4 years older than you so age is on your side. I spent 6 weeks doing the same circular route and got really bored and times never changed. I decided to find a new route and walked it the day before my new week listening to Laura once I had a ballpark time I ran it the next day times improved and the route kept me interested so much so that one run I covered 6.11 km that was W9R1 though and included 30 minute run and 10 minutes warm up/cool down. So I know it helps to change now and again

  • I see. Ok, well at the moment I am currently staying with my sister in a small village in Cornwall and it's not easy to find anywhere to run around her immediate local area due to very narrow, twisty roads so I have to drive into the nearest town and complete my run there. Not knowing the town that well means I don't really know any places where I could run but I have found a rather good flat pathway that basically circles all around a large ASDA superstore and car park. So that's where I've been running all this week. It's different to all my previous runs that I done back home, so I guess that might have already helped me.

  • I agree with all the good advice above . Half of running happens in your head . Believe in yourself , be kind to yourself , don't give up, repeat where necessary , and congratulate your self. You have already come a long way .

  • Thanks Mollydex! :)

    Yes, I cannot really believe I am where I am already to be honest. I never would've thought it a few months ago but here I am! Well, I will be giving it a good go, and like you say, if it needs repeating a run or a whole week again, then so be it.

  • Oh Lee , you and your Asda Carpark ! Ha ha !

    I agree with manofkent62 and try changing your route, I have heard that Morrisons Carpark is particularly lovely at this time of year :-D

    Seriously, you are ready for this , y'know. Its your mind playing games with you . This is as much as a mental challenge as well as a physical one. Dig deep , the programme wont throw anything at you that you are not capable of . If you look at the blue pinned posts on the right and click on Week 5 , there are loads of posts on there from others who felt exactly the same. I had sleepless nights over this particular run over 2 years ago , you are definitely not on your own on this one .

    Good Luck , think positive, unleash that inner warrior ! :-) xxx

  • lol

    That's brilliant! hehehe. Thanks poppy! :)

    Yes I understand what you're saying and I'm trying to be positive about it. Like you say, there have been plenty of people before me who dreaded the run 3 of week 5 but they surprised themselves and got through it. Therefore I intend to give it a damn good go and see how I get on. If I manage it I will be overjoyed, but if I really struggle and fail to do it then I will have a rest day and attempt it again. Hopefully, it won't come to that though, eh?

    By the way, I'm not really that interested in superstore car parks ya know...I'm not weird! :D It just so happens that I found it a convenient place to run...and, err...and I can also grab a few groceries afterwards! ;)

  • Great stuff Lee !

    Yes I do that supermarket thing a lot, too . I am weird , only joking :-D

    Ive ran to Asda, Aldi , Tesco and Booths, its a great way of killing two birds with one stone . I run there and walk back if Ive only got a few bits and bobs to get . I just stuff it all in my backpack- Result ! :-) xxx

  • Nice one poppy! :)

    Yeah, I always imagined you as being weird! lol Just kidding!! ;) x

  • ;-) xxx

  • :D x

  • Well done for completing. I'm not far behind - managed run 2 which I think was marginally harder than run 1. I've benefited from all the advice you got from the wonderful forum. I'll try not to worry either and just give it my best shot too.

  • Thanks africanali!

    Yes, that's all you can do isn't it? And if we fail at any point, it's not worth beating ourselves up about it, just simply repeat the run (after another rest day) and try again. Even if it means repeating it many times, eventually we *will* have built up enough stamina to complete it. :)

  • Given all the great advice I can only add don't eat before you go for the run or if you do, eat a light meal a couple of hours before. Drink lots of water. And run slowly. And believe in yourself :-)

  • Thanks Simmy! Nah, I certainly don't eat before going out for a run. I save that as a kind of treat after I've completed. :)

  • good luck but trust Laura too!

  • Thank you, and yeah Laura hasn't let me down yet! :)

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