W4R3 - defeated by ramblers!!

First 2 runs of W4 earlier in the week went well although they weren't easy - big step up from W3. Yesterday I went to do W4R3 along my usual route which is mainly bridlepath (disused railway line), canal towpath and a a bit of road/pavement. All was going well until the last minute or so of the final 5 minutes running when I caught up with a large group of elderly ramblers (not ageist - I'm 60+!) and their dogs. I managed to get past the first few with a polite 'excuse me' but retired defeated after almost tripping over a dog and someone's walking poles!! Ended this run with a longer walk - sorry Laura! Roll on Week 5!

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  • Bloomin hooligans!

  • Hmmm, it wouldn't have been much effort for them to let you past, rather inconsiderate I think.

    Better luck next time !

  • Happens to me all the time - i'm philosophical about it now (well fairly - I have dogs and sometimes I walk rather than run so should be) ...

  • I'm Impressed you could talk while running. I graduated 4 months ago and still struggle to utter a word... Or take a drink... Sounds like you have a lovely place to run!

  • Thanks for the 'tea & sympathy' everyone - I'm sure it was a bit of a one off encountering such a large group. Just back from W5R1 (yes, I did it!!!) and not a soul in sight!

  • I thought I was doing quite well with my week 4 runs. Out on run yesterday and was overtaken by a teenager in flipflops walking!! Hey ho! Probably easier to deal with than your posse however!

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