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Race 4 Life completed today in 38 minutes!

I'm feeling very chuffed with myself - I did it in 38 minutes!! I wanted to do my Week 8 run 1 today, so I ran for 28 minutes which was hard for the last 3 minutes and then I really had to walk. I think if I'd have been by myself I would have just called it a day, but with so many people around, and 2 very special friends sticking with me, I walked faster than I would normally after running, and then run for the final 3-4 minutes (need to check my Garmin ;) ) and had a final sprint over the winning line before the clock started it's next minute.

I'm not quite sure how accurate the 5k was, as my garmin says it was slightly under, although we were under trees at some points. But who cares! I've had my longest run too today, and now the thought of doing a Park Run is getting to be more like it really could happen.

It was really nice running somewhere I've never run before, and had no idea where I was going. So I think I need to start thinking about different routes to run.

Well done to anyone else who did Race 4 Life today too!

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Hey Kazzy, Well done that is brilliant ! I did mine today too :-) Not sure about the time I did, but wasnt too bothered about that, I just concentrated on staying upright and not been carted off by St Johns Ambulance :-)

Where did you do yours if you dont mind me asking ? I did mine at Tatton Park , there were loads taking part, it was amazing ! It was really good running somewhere else, I didnt have a clue where I was going either, but it was lovely running in the park with all the trees.

Sounds like we both had a brilliant time ! :-) xxx


Well done Kazzy - that's really excellent. If I was of the other sex I would also join you!


Poppy - I ran mine in Salisbury, Wiltshire. I wasn't going to take my garmin with me, but then my husband said of course you must take it, just out of interest of how much you run. And I'm glad I did, because I was able to keep pushing those last 3 minutes to reach my 28 minute target. And King9fisher - As long as you wore pink would anyone really question you I wonder? I think they should let men join in - I know when I had breast cancer 8 years ago my husband and son went through the battle with me, and it would have been lovely to have run with them today too.


Well done! I'm with Kingfisher - I want a blokes R4L... :)

That's a great time and for a great cause... I know someone who has recently lost her battle with breast cancer and she was the same age as me so it really blew me away... I salute ALL of you ladies running for them.... well done!


Well done!! Got mine in two weeks and can't wait. My daughter is running with me too so will be good fun and hope to raise lots for such a great cause. Enjoy some rest now x


Well done you two for running. Very inspiring. Good luck carole with your run.


Thank you!!! xxx


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