Post graduation run

Following in from the advise received from the good people of this forum, I decided that my first post graduation run was going to be an enjoyable one. So I loaded the sweet sounds of Alabama 3 onto my phone and went out for a leisurely run, I ran slower and was able to enjoy the moment with the first 2km an absolute breeze. As recommended, I increased my distance by 10% and will continue to do so for the next few weeks, whilst introducing the odd faster 5k to help my speed as well as stamina.

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  • Lovely.. glad you had such a good run ! Onwards ! :)

  • You sound like a real pro :) That first post grad run is an awesome thing. Almost like your first ride without stabilisers. Great to hear it was a good one (just going to go and have a Google for Alabama3 now).

  • Ooh...found them! 'Running at the speed of the sound of loneliness' - how amazing is that harmonica!

  • One of my favourite tracks, hope you're not offended by the potty mouth lyrics

  • I'll hum extra loud over those bits ;)

  • Sounds perfect!

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