W5 R2

Not so great today.

Chuffed to bits that I could do the first 8 mins (was running ever so slightly downhill so not sure if that's a cheat?) but second 8 mins up a very slight hill halfway through; could not complete.

Got 5 mins of that one. So 3 more minutes to go to get the 2x8.

Please don't tell me W5 R3 is 16 mins without stopping? I won't be able to do that for quite some time I suspect.

** update: upon checking I hear its 20 mins without stopping. Eeeeeeeek!!!!

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  • Trust in yourself! Follow Laura and I promise you will manage it. I was shocked when I did mine & I got a lot of great advise on this forum! If you need to repeat runs do that but I think a lot is in our minds so believe in yourself & keep saying I can do this😊 doesn't matter how slow you run & I'm slow.... But still running😊 I'm 59 yrs young😂& just ran my second 25mins! So anyone can do it but just take your time. Good luck & keep going😊

  • This run was my nightmare! I had to repeat it 7 times until I asked for help on here. The advice was to slow right down and it worked 😊 I think it's easier to run faster in the earlier part of the program but when you start doing longer spells of running that's when you really feel it when you go off too quickly. I also changed my running route which was very hilly and that helped too. Good luck and let us know how you get on!

  • thanks. I am honestly as slow as one can go. My OH walks beside me as I run. So I have never been fast, as I am heavy, I just can't be fast. I am just delighted to keep going :-)

  • You'll get there! I'm sure of it 😊 You managed 13 minutes of running so far and that's pretty awesome anyway! Only another 3 and you've nailed this run!

  • I know Its weird how the W5 R1 is 3 x 5, so technically only one minute less than 2x8, but the 2x8 is hard at first. I see how it works though, its about stamina and increasing fitness.

  • Yes but running that extra 3 minutes feels like an extra hour! You'll get there 😊

  • yay!! Update is on new post but basically I have now done it and moved onto R3 - nailed it first time!! so so so chuffed

  • Well done! 😊

  • Don't worry about looking forward - just concentrate on the run in hand. The trick is to keep it slow. Don't be tempted to go,out too fast in the first run or you will run out of puff.

    This was just a practice run - you'll be fine next time!

  • Wk 5 is a bit of a shock especially when the previous week 5 minutes was a great achievement! You will do it - doesn't matter how many practice runs it takes to feel comfortable. But hey when you do that 20 minutes it is such an unbelievable feeling. I shall look forward to your post when you do it :-). The comment from Laura at the end is magic!

    Good luck

  • thanks, I will try again on Saturday early evening. Shall post an update.

  • Run one minute EEEK! Run three minutes EEK Run eight minutes EEK....that was me and I suspect the vast majority of Graduates, sfg :)

    As for downhill running 'cheating' - this morning was my 'Hill' run. I find it a LOT harder to run down that up. Running up you only deal with breathing and muscle problems. Running down you spend a LOT of energy simply balancing and holding the brakes on. then add the 'fear of falling/slipping/sliding' and even more energy expended as the adrenaline starts jetting into your system.

    Plus its a totally unnatural stance for most of us who never ran downhill before - kind of leaning back a bit and jabbing one's feet at the ground rather than leisurely loping along :)

    You'll be fine, never fear :)

  • Oh I remember that second 8 minutes! It seemed like an eternity. You will do it though. I remember thinking, it's just never going to happen - and then somehow it just does :) Exactly like Irish-John said.. run one minute EEEEK, one and a half EEEEEK, 3 minutes (I think I said something a little stronger than EEEK to that one)! You've got it now though, your stamina is building and you know, you will look back to week 5 in the future and think (again), wow... how far I have come! :)

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