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Week 3 Day 1 done!

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I've been avoiding it all week, thinking up excuses not to run as I was absolutely convinced I would not be able to run for 3 minutes.

How wrong was I ? I even enjoyed it. Managed the whole 30 mins non stop.

I'm truly amazed how my stamina is improving in such a short amount of time. Looking forward to run 2 on Thursday

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It is a running marvel! On week 1, we can hardly run, legs are sore, breathing like a freight train. Before you know it, Laura has tricked you I to running for 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 28 and 30 minutes! Fantastic how the body and mind can grow in stamina and confidence. Well done for starting your running adventure. Julie

Ace, well done you! 😊

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Excellent ! Yes, you can do it !

Glad to read that you enjoyed it too , thats fab !

Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

Isn't it amazing to realize that you have improved that much? Congratulations!!!!

Well done. It's brilliant how you can step up your stamina. Before week 4 I was very apprehensive about running for 5 mins continuously, but it's gone well. I think providing you stick to a slowish pace it's definitely achievable.

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Woohooooo....you'll be graduating before you know it...so pleased you're enjoying it too, that's a major part of it I guess 😊

Well done Bx

Well done! Yes the human body really is an amazing thing. Just think, in a few weeks you will be running 30 minutes non stop and it WILL happen, the body adjusts, you adapt :-D

Ooh I remember my very first run. I went too hard, I was absolutely exhausted thinking it would be "easy". I walked like a robot for about a week afterwards, had to put the plan on hold for another week before I could start the whole thing again :-)

Keep it up, let us know how you go in the coming weeks.

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This programme is truly amazing - have to say I was very sceptical when I began - but it really does work:)

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Well done you! It's amazing how quickly you progress. You'll be graduating in no time!

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Well done! I'm got one more run to do on Week 2 and i'm already wondering if I'll cope with week 3. Good to hear that you've done so well with it! :-)

Pinguette, keep going it's well worth it. You're doing great x

Ive got this planned tomorrow and 3 minutes never sounded so long!

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