Week 3 run 1 done

I felt fairly apprehensive about week 3 because I thought running for 3 minutes would be a real step up from week 2 but I actually found it ok. I've picked up the pace a little bit now which is good. I use the app and find it useful to play music that makes me feel like I'm in a training montage in some epic action film, it gives me something to think about so that I'm not overthinking my actual run. Never mind that I was lapped twice on my circuits round the park by the same guy!

Only thing is, I hated Laura interrupting half way through to tell me how much time was left on the 3 minute runs. I think I would have preferred not knowing and losing myself in the rhythm and my music and to have the stopping time come as a surprise. Instead I just thought 'oh God I've still got 90 seconds to go' or whatever it was. Anyone else feel this way?!

Also wanted to say thank you to everyone that's posted on here in the past couple of weeks as I have found everyone's stories very inspiring and they help me get really motivated. :)


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8 Replies

  • Hi, I'm also on my third week and have found it easier than I thought too. I like you need music to get lost in so I'm not over thinking what I'm doing. Yes your right when Laura tells you you're half way it does put you off your stride a bit, however as soon as the music comes back louder I'm ok.

    I've got my last run of week three tomorrow then face week four! Good luck, we can do this. :)

  • yay that's great! well done us :)

  • Oh sweetie thats fantastic! Have you tried zen labs C25K free app? Exact same timings, no Laura! You can add your own playlist too.

    I'm week 3 ing it Monday. We can compre notes lol

  • thank you :) :) I'm intrigued by the other apps, I'll check them out. Best of luck with your run.

    Btw just had to say I love your picture. I think the This Girl Can campaign is fantastic and I watched the videos a lot before venturing out for my first ever run 2 weeks ago. So nice to see women and girls of different shapes, sizes and sports being rightly praised for all their effort!!

  • Sometimes Laura's time checks are an annoying obstacle to add to the tar, the sun, the way the clouds aren't quite right, etc. And you think "Oh no! Another epoch I have to flounder my way through". On other days, you just think "About bloody time, too! Where were you? I'm sure you're late! Oh well, at least we're halfway now." On rare occasions the time reminders are a relief that helps you keep going. On the other occasions, I suppose they make you stronger or something.

  • Well done Lina! I am so pleased to hear that you got through week 3 run 1. I am looking forward to my run on Monday. Congratulations on doing it!

  • I'm lined up to start week 3 tomorrow. I'm glad people aren't finding it too tough :-)

  • I completed w3r1 this morning. Having been a bit apprehensive about running for 3 minutes - this seemed a big step up from week 2, I found it ok and the 3 minutes went by quite quickly. I run first thing in the morning, before everyone is up - partly because I make myself get up and partly so no-one can see me...I do feel that I am running really slowly but having read some of the comments on this forum, that is fine.

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