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Whiny post after W2R1

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Oh ouch, somehow W2R1 was a killer for me. I was able to complete it, but everything hurt.

I was very confident after week 1 which I found relatively easy. Last week, I was totally ready to run for more than 60sec. I was ok with the 90sec, but couldn't recover during the 2min walk. When Laura said to aim for breathing in for four steps and out for another four, I had to laugh. No way!

My legs were very sore all weekend long, much more so than they had be last week between runs. My calves hurt during the run today and still hurt now, even when I'm sitting still.

Feeling quite defeated. I'm afraid that I will still hurt to much on Wednesday and won't go out for my next run, thus ending my journey towards the 5k before it has really started.

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Starting to run is a shock to the body. We all have had extra niggles as we adjust. Take an extra rest day if you need. Go back and repeat week one if needed but please don't give up. Your journey really is just beginning. Some of us need some extra TLC as we go through the program. It's just our bodies way of saying I want to do this but be kind to me. Also look into doing a few easy stretches at the end of each run. I know if I forget my body shouts at me by making my leg muscles ache like mad. Hang In there and be kind to yourself you will get there I promise.

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Oh dear Granuaile, you've hit a low point but please do try to carry on because the bonus you get at the end of the plan is so fantastic.

What you have started on it is a huge shift in what your body was used to doing. Realfoodieclub says it all - be kind to yourself and remember many of us have been through the doldrums just like you and are now enjoying the benefits of completing the plan.

The stretches as soon as you finish your run are vital to many of us to prevent muscle aches. If I forget to do them my muscles complain the next day.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU. Hang in there, take a couple of extra rest days and try to pick up again!

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RFC and Beek have said it all really. Stretching after the run is vital to help with aches and pains. We all get good days and bad, and you will probably find that next time you will cope much better. Don't be afraid to repet runs or weeks if you need. Take it slow and steady and you will get there. I couldn't,t do Laura's breathing either - just do what feels right for you.

You can do it. Good luck.

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I completed W2R1 yesterday and found it a real step up from week 1. I found also that a couple of times last week that my calf muscles were starting to tighten up towards the end of the run. Try doing some simple calf stretches before the run as well as after. I found that this has worked for me. I dive as well (scuba) and have often found my muscles tightening or getting cramp on a dive and managed to alleviate this through some stretches beforehand. Don't give up on it. I'm sure you'll soon be getting that buzz that you got during week one and the sense of achievement will be even greater.

Thank you all so much! You made me feel so much better. I'm now ready to accept that it was a bad day and that bad runs happen. I definitely need to do more stretches. My poor calf muscles are really making their presence known today and it feels so good to stretch them out a bit. Lots of stretching and then hopefully I'll be ready for R2 on Wednesday!

Hi I also found W2R1 a bit of a shock compared to W1 - that was last Friday. Today I completed W2R2 because I woke up and wanted to do it after feeling all weekend that I probably wasn't going to try it again. Hope you will feel that you want to carry on soon.

Regarding the breathing. The advice does not work for a lot of us, because many of us are prone to hyperventilation...I focus on breathing out for longer than I am breathing in.

Don't get hung up on the breathing, just do what comes naturally. If you are struggling with breathing, ease back your pace a little. In a week or two you will really notice your improved breathing and recovery times. You might have noticed that we are all passionate about this training plan, because it has literally changed our lives and we genuinely want you and as many others as possible to enjoy the full benefits of running. You can do it. Good luck.

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Just wanted to reiterate the above, slow your pace down and forget about the breathing...your body manages it just fine normally. We do seem to be a bunch of hyperventilators, so this gets worse the more we focus on breathing. Stretch those muscles and get some deep heat :)

Good old Laura and her breathing tips! I reckon I looked a right idiot trying that bit. I was listening to one direction on my iPod and I ended up breathing in time to them!

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^^^^^ I am sure there is treatment available for breathing in time to One Direction:)

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