I'm on the south coast (Worthing) this weekend which has two distinct advantages over my home town - it's flat and it's by the sea.... The picture was taken at 6 am this morning.

No stream of consciousness today as I have a couple of questions....

I know it's only another 30 seconds compared to last week but I found it a bit of a struggle today. I did four of the six runs without too many issues but, like W1R1, I struggled in a couple. By the end of the week 1, I got through it pretty well. Can I reasonably expect the same again this week?

Knees - they don't hurt but I'm "aware of them".... Normal?

Sorry, I lied, I did have a couple of random thoughts:

* 2 - 1. Bu66er. I know we put up a good show but, still, bloody hell.

* I was over ruled by SWMBO re kitten (see previous post). Boo!

Righto, that's me for the day. Off to start off a few breads - Apple and Cinnamon.


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9 Replies

  • i am at the same stage as you, by 4/6 the pores had opened , knees somewhat "tenderish" , currently trying to write this with a 10 week old pug trying to savage my shirt buttons …..whats with the kitten

  • My last post (https://healthunlocked.com/couchto5k/posts/130887169/w1r3---stream-of-consciousness) refers to the kitten.

    Good luck with the pug - dogs have always looked like hard work to me.

    By 4/6 this morning, I was struggling. Hopefully it will get a little bit easier on Tuesday!

  • It will get better, the plan prepares you to increase your run duration each week. In my first few weeks it was my ankles that experienced vague aches & pains. But I'm now onto week 9 & my joints are fine. I did have to repeat week 6 a couple times before I conquered the required elements! But I did it, and so will you. Good luck.

  • Thx. Hobbled about a bit yesterday but today I had a meeting in the City. Powered my way through throwing guys in suits out of the way....

  • It really will get better! Part of you panics because it seems such a struggle during the early weeks BUT trust in this system it really does work! I'm at week 7 now and I'm amazed how far I have come on! For me it really has been from Couch (aiming for 5k)! I live in a flat area - no sea though! God knows what I'd do if I came across a hill! :-D Currently typing this with labrador across the back of my armchair with his head on my shoulder! :-)

  • There was a bit of panic! By the end of W1, I'd got to grips with how long 60 seconds is. 90 seconds seemed to go on for hours.

    If only poor old Laura knew the things we shout at her!

  • Haha! :-D

  • just done W2R2 - IT WAS EASIER , but only just …..good luck tomorrow……pickles the pug also send his best wishes

  • Hey, another pug lover - Hello ! :-) I have 2 boy pugs , I absolutely luurrve pugs ! Have you a photo of Pickles ? Oh and Well done on W2R2 ! :-) xxx

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