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I graduated a couple of months ago and have been using session 9 of c25k to build stamina and try to improve speed. I still only do about 3km in 30mins. I am slowly pushing the speed up on the treadmill at the gym and then trying to replicate when street running. On my last street run I also tried a few fartlek bursts which was fun . However, I was wondering if using stepping stones is a good idea for a structured way forward and to improve my progress ? Am I fast enough yet for these podcasts? Any advice gratefully received.


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  • I am a similar stage and like you have continued using week 9. I have loaded stepping stones but not used it. I will be interested to read the replies you receive.

  • Yay fartleks! So fun. I like those best. Try the stepping stones podcasts - they're good as well. Don't be surprised if they take you several sessions to master - they're hard work.

  • Definately give Stepping stones a try. Its Laura with new tips and advice and a good workout. Needs to be outside I would think not on a treadmill as its all about posture and timing. It helped me with my breathing as you really think about your pace. 😊

    Good luck let us know how you get on.

  • I am a very new graduate and have used Stepping Stones twice now, I like it, technique tips and gets you to increase pace but not ridiculously so. There are also Speed and Stamina podcasts with Laura. I've done each once to try, and have managed to complete each. They are all a little challenging but do-able, I am not a fast runner, so I think if I can do them any graduate can.

    Good luck and happy running!

  • Thank you. I am trying to pluck up the courage to try stepping stones

  • Go for it👍🏼

  • Yes, give them a go, they were designed for new graduates. As RWD says though, be prepared to take a few goes before you master them, they are challenging, they're meant to be! I still use Speed and Stamina regularly, in fact I think I've had every PB I've ever got from Stamina.

  • Thank you. I shall give it a go and see how I get on but I think I shall need a number of practices. But the support here and remembering that I found a minute difficult reminds me that with determination I can make progress even at my age.

  • They are a bit weird. You seem to go slow, slower on the Speed one but it's designed to get your running legs built! Don't be deceived at the apparent slowness. If you do them in turn, eg Stepping Stones, Stamina then Speed but then run them in random order to you get them off pat. They are good! Tough though.

  • Thank you. I need a plan after c25k and your suggestion is great. I'll make a commitment to keep going and log progress

  • Lots of positives about stepping stone - I tried the speed one once and the reverted back to W9 as I found it too much - there were some great tips from Laura and I did the first 5 mins of the run really happily but seemed to run out of stamina so that led me back to W9 which I'll stay on for a few weeks yet and then try stepping stone again - I'd say try it and see how you get on as it really seems to suit some people :-)

  • Yes try them. Stamina is my go to podcast and I still find it a challenge. Give it a go and dont get disheartened if you can't do them at first. As everyone else has said, they take a bit of practise! ☺☺

  • Thanks. I just need to learn that every run good or bad is better than the sofa! Practise is good too

  • The podcasts are great, different and fun! Give them a go and find the ones you like! :)

    I did each of the podcasts over three weeks..amse set up as C25K, three runs per week... Stepping stone x 3 Speed x3 and Stamina x 3.

    Like a few of us, found Stepping Stone odd... I was doing funny little dance steps and shuffles with the timing... Love Speed... and LOVE Stamina.. still using those, off and on for little fun run sessions... I mix and match in my runs now, sometimes adding Speed on.. or Stamina... I don't use Stepping Stones at all.. but that is just me:) A bit like Curlygurly2 I got PB with the Speed one...:)

    Stick with them.. and I feel you may enjoy them?

  • I use Stamina sometimes if I need a bit of help to get home on a long run. It's hypnotic...

  • It is... i am so glad you said that...I sometimes go into a zone... and my legs just carry on, without me thinking about it..

    The cross trainer I have is really helping this too... my legs are getting really strong.. especially my thigh muscles... I have noticed it a lot with the blessed hills...not as many or as steep as the ones where you are , but enough! :)

  • Did you not see my post a few weeks ago? I got home and was on the patio still Husband came rushing out, he thought I was in agony...yeah-eh-eh, wow-ow wow...

  • Thanks these suggestions are really helpful as I understand from what you say it is not programme like c25k which you have to do in order.

  • I have been using "Stepping Stones" and "Speed" the last few weeks trying to get back to non stop running, and I love them both. I haven't managed "Stamina" yet....

  • Hi Inominate ☺️I did my very first street run in Thursday. I was really apprehensive, had done all of my previous running on country tracks and far from the public! However, once I'd got myself out there ( the hardest bit), I put on my magic headphones ( I believed they dull all of my senses, I can't hear anything but my music, can't see anything but the path in front of me and therefore cannot be seen 😉) and I really enjoyed myself!

    I ran 3km on my graduation run, and have increased my run by 0.25km each week. Thursdays run was 3.75km.

    I've downloaded, but not used Stepping Stones, and have decided to continue with my plan until end of October. My next challenge will be a park run which I intend to sign up for in November.

    The biggest thing I have learned from this forum, is that we are all different and people manage their running programs differently. Some like the rigidity of a program, some like going it alone, some like a combination of both.

    Find your own way ( which will be the same as someone on here!) but don't feel tied to anyone else's program. Most importantly, enjoy what you do 😘

  • Bless you all, thank you for your advice and sharing your stories. I shall give it a go and embrace the new experience. It sounds like it takes a couple of sessions to be able to master the 'dance' to Laura's new rhythm but it will be nice to have a change from session 9.

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