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How to use stepping stones

Hi, I'm just about to start on using the Stepping Stones podcast but wasn't really sure if there is a correct order/routine to do them in.

Do I pick one and do that 3 times this week, then another 3 times next week?

Or do I pick one and still have my 30 minute run later in the week?

Does anyone have a routine they could suggest after graduating?

Don't feel ready to ,ove up to 10k yet, would like to work on my speed and become more confidant with 5k first.

Thanks for any advice.

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I didn't know what to do either, so thought I would mix it up a bit.... So Tuesday is speed night, a short quick blast. Then stepping stones on the next session, so Thursday for me. Then Sunday is free choice either my own or a repeat from week 9 ....


Hey, look at you with your shiney green Grad Badge! We used to be at a similar place but I slipped back a bit. I still look out for you though and I am really pleased for you! You sound so motivated, which is great!


hey indeed - although sometimes I have to look at it to remind myself that I have actually made it - but yes I wondered what happened to you too...

please tell me you're sticking with it ,


I started out using Stepping stones until I found it was getting really comfortable, I tried Speed a few times but added on extra at the end as I prefer to be out for at least 30 minutes.

After a few weeks I mainly stuck with Stamina as I felt it was a challenge, and used that a lot before moving on to B210K as I wanted to do longer distances; I still use Stamina on Parkrun days so I know how to pace myself!

I never kept to a do all three in a week routine, I think they are there to be used in a flexible way as you find your way on your post grad journey; I used week 9 run 3 quite a few times after graduation too, as I felt that didn't put me under the pressure that the pacing on the C25k+ did but gave me the 30 minute timing.

I think as long as your out there pushing yourself to improve, even if it's just by keeping tabs with an app you will see your progress and that's a great incentive... one day I will get to that 5k in 30 minutes, but I have a way to go yet! :-)


I don't think there's a correct/incorrect way to use them so feel free to do what's comfortable for yo! :-)

I use each of them once a week to add variety to my workouts and find that it really helped me improving my speed. I'm still far from completing 5k in 30', but I'm slowly getting to this - how exciting!! :-D


Thanks for all your advise everyone. I'm going to do one of the stepping stones one day, W9 R3 the next run day and then 3rd run think I will do 5k and just take as long as I need to get there.

Thanks again for all tips


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