Plod Plod Plod

Well W6R1 completed. I thought it was just me that found it hard but reading other comments on here maybe I am not alone. Reading other comments on here is a real motivation and makes you feel you are not alone.

Over half way through now and find I really miss it when I can't get out running, maybe I am turning into a runner, something I can assure you I would never have said a few weeks ago.

I may not be the fastest but I am out there running with a smile on my face, well sometimes.

W6R2 here I come, of course after the compulsory days rest.

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  • Plod plod plod is fine fine fine 😊

  • Hi Simon

    And well done you.

    Plod plod plod is a hell of a lot better than 30 minutes more in the arm chair so good for you.

    Speed isnt out our aim, but plodding on is.

    and often a slow plod will burn more calories than a sprint. We burn more fat at lower bpm; for me the optimal fat burning range is 115-125 I do believe; as a 50 male.


  • Plod, plod, plod,

    On the cold grey roads, you see.

    As long as you keep on plodding,

    A graduate runner, you'll be! :)

    Well done you... onwards and upwards


    Huge apologies to John Masefield! :)

  • Week 5 seems impossible and it took all I had to do it. After that, I thought I could do anything and week 6 came - a bit of a shock that it was still hard! Keep plodding, it is always good to slow down when it's hard, makes it more enjoyable too - it's not a race 😀

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