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Week 2 completed. Shoe recommendations?

I'm very proud to say I finished week 2 yesterday morning. I've been really suffering with painful shins but seem to be running through it. Yesterday I felt much better afterwards. Have been stretching after which has really helped. Got some gel insoles but oddly the insoles in my shoes won't come out so I can't replace with these moulded Sorbathanes.

The friend I started running with has had to miss a couple but she came with me yesterday and did great. I've been fine running alone with my music. I'm really looking forward to next week..

Debating gait analysis so I can get some better shoes maybe in the new year. A lot of you seem to like Brooks as a brand....any other recommendations?

Thanks so much. Love reading about all the success stories on here. Thanks for the push they give me

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It's nearly impossible to recommend shoes for someone else because our feet are all different and so are out running styles. If you possibly can, go along to a dedicated running shop (not a generalist shop) and have gait analysis. I can't recommend Sweatshop highly enough, but other people have had equally great service else where. Allow plenty of time, try on and run in loads and loads of different ones before you make your choice. If cost is an issue, ask I they have any of last seasons styles in stock. They won't mind and they won't be sniffy about it. Sweatshop will make customised heat-moulded insoles for you to try but they couldn't care less if you don't buy them (I didn't) The best bit is that Sweatshop give you a 30 day guarantee that if you take your shoes home and run in them and they're not right, then they'll swap them for you, even if you've run through puddles and mud! Good luck :)

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That's great thank you so much. I used to work in sports retail many years ago and the favourite brands for proper runners seemed to be Mizuni,Saucony and Brooks so I was just interested... I know there are thousands out there to choose from depending on how you run. Sweatshop seem to be the only place anywhere near where I live who do gait analysis so it's good to hear you rate them. Thank you again.


Ooooh will give that a go thanks KittyKat :)

Have just found a local running shop who do gait analysis. Will go next week just to check I'm not doing myself damage in the wrong shoes. Need to be able to walk as I have a dog walking business. Fairly important!!

Thanks again for the link



The general comments here are spot on. Find a specialist running shop and let them do a gait analysis. I know I was a lttle nervous when as a novice I went along to the Runnersneed near my office, but they treated me with respect and made sure I understood why they were recommending the shoes that they did. As it happens, they were Brooks and I was and still am very happy with them. It's not the brand that's important, it's your feet. Look after them and you'll enjoy running a whole lot more. A good pair of shoes will be the best thing you'll buy.

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Thanks Rob. Will do it before I start running for longer amounts of time. My shins are definitely hurting much less so I do think it's my pesky legs just getting used to that heavier impact of running as I walk miles in a week with the hounds!

Love the Westie photo...I have 2 Labs :)


Hi Barbarajs, well done for completing week 2!

I've just returned to couch to 5k after a long absence and just completed wk1 r3.

I had terrible shin pains when I first started and looked all over for help. I found out that having tight calf muscles affects shin splints, and finding some stretches helped a lot. I can't remember where I first found the other advice, but these stretches look similar. Hope this helps.

Shortening my stride also made a difference. The longer stride has greater impact on your body, which aggravates any pain.

Like the others here, I would also suggest gait analysis at a running shop. I always felt self conscious, but they are helpful and polite. The right shoes for you will be like running on air! Keep up the good work.

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Thank you arablue,

That's really useful. Have bookmarked the stretch link. I'm definitely feeling better taking shorter strides. Week 3 starts tomorrow and I'm going to try and get to do my gait analysis this week as well. Fingers crossed as I've never been on a treadmill in my life. Hope I don't go flying off it :))

Thanks again xx


I know what you mean about the treadmill! Let us know how you get on. :)


Certainly will arablue :)


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