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Week 7 struggles

As the title says, I'm struggling with week 7. I did the first run fine last Monday though rest of the week I was slipping back into old habits such as making excuses not to run (im working early, nights getting darker earlier) and general lethargy...ok laziness.

Tried it again this morning though after a week without a run I was pretty done in half way through and a stitch in the back of my back began nagging me. I had also changed my usual route which maybe put me off rhythm too as I was having to stop and start rather than keeping up my usual rhythm.

Will just need to go again, something similar happened when I reached week 4 so I know that I can push on and finish this.

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You can. I thought that week seven of the program was the hardest week. Not sure why, but I did get through it, eventually, and week 8 was much better. Happy trails!


For me week 7 was when the gremlins started to creep in. It feels a bit relentless, now that the nice walking "rests" have disappeared. You will get there, please let us know how you get on!


You can do this xx


Week 7 was an utter nightmare. I think I've done about 11 runs trying to get 25 mins consistently and have only just got there. I think that it was partly the fact that there aren't any walking breaks, but also I probably wasn't fit enough to run for 25 mins at every run. I gave up on the Couch to 5k podcasts for a while and used chatty podcast from BBC radio.

See how you go and remember, we are just practising if the runs turn out shorter than we might have liked! We'll all get there in the end :-)

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I had major problems with W7 - just found it so hard but you will come through this - keep at it - we are all with you 😀


I've just done week 8 run 2, and I also really struggled with week 7, especially run 3. I barely completed the first 2 runs, and didn't enjoy them one bit. Run 3 defeated me twice, having to stop at 19 mins and 15 mins.

I took a few days off, made sure that I stretched, drank water before I left home, and kept the pace really slow, and finally made it. I also ditched Laura for the first time, I found that when she said I was half way I felt id never make it, and I was defeated from that moment on.

Surprisingly, I've enjoyed both runs in week 8, and can finally believe I will graduate. Stick with it, don't be disheartened and take it slow. Good luck


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