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Week 7 struggles

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So...today’s run was a tough one.

W7R1 this morning - have to say I wasn’t looking forward to it having been dealing with a sore neck and shoulders since Friday but I soldiered on and found the pain didn’t bother me at all during the actual run itself.

But...I really, really, really found it tough. This was the first day where I thought I wasn’t going to be able to actually complete the run and contemplated stopping.

I was going slow - super slow - but it just didn’t seem to get any easier. It was humid which probably didn’t help but I just couldn’t catch my breath and was constantly checking the clock to see how long I had left.

Please tell me it gets easier because right now the idea of doing that twice more this week gives me the fear!

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Hi Kirsty88, it does get easier as time goes by, I completed run 3 of week 7 this morning, I posted my result at about 14.10 but it does not seem to have appeared, not sure why, the heading was "Week 7 completed"

I have posted other results but they also have not appeared either, only my reply to other runners appear.

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kirstyt88 in reply to AlMorr

Thank you, I’ll take a look for your post now 😁

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I found that one tough too! Nearly gave up (for the first time in this programme) I found R2 easier. Struggled a bit with R3 but not as much as R1. W8 begins for me tomorrow- yikes!! Good luck with R2. You will smash it. You got this.

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kirstyt88 in reply to Hidden

Thank you very much, good luck with week 8 - I’m hoping I haven’t given up before I get there!

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Hidden in reply to kirstyt88

Oh no don't do that! Look how far you've come. Remember back to W1 - you never thought you'd be running for 25 minutes did you - now you have - you've done it & you can do it again. Everyone on this forum has had a good run & a not so good run. Don't be despondent - keep going. You got this. Good luck & keep us posted.

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I'm in exactly the same place. Week 7 run 1 completed and I ran less distance than run 3 of week 6! And it felt harder. Which feels silly as they're the same run.

The humidity is absolutely not helping matters I will say that.

Hope it cools down for the rest of the week tbh.

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kirstyt88 in reply to Hannah337

I definitely found run 3 of week 6 easier than today but I did run an almost completely flat route last week so that might have had something to do with it I suppose!

I’m just hoping run 2 gets easier otherwise I’m going to lose my motivation really quickly 😭

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You will find some days easier than others, and that’s ok. Don’t out pace yourself. Slow and steady. This is YOUR challenge, nobody else’s.

Slow and steady and have faith in the programme. It does work.

I graduated back in March and I can run 6 k. Each run I might do another 500 m or another 1km.

I began running in January and thought I couldn’t run. I am still running and loving it.

You can do it. 🏃‍♀️

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kirstyt88 in reply to Scouser67

Thank you, I just need to be positive before I go out on Wednesday morning I think 😁

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Aww I absolutely emphasise with you. I did W7R1 on Saturday and REALLY struggled too. I did it, like you, but only through bloody determination. I did R2 this morning and although still not easy, but I haven’t found any of them easy tbh, it was definitely better than R1. Distraction was my answer this morning. I downloaded a book to listen to and found that really helped to pass the time.

The main thing is, YOU DID IT!! 👏👏. Good luck for R2

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kirstyt88 in reply to SandieF

Thank you! I listen to podcasts as I run but nothing was distracting me today, fingers crossed Wednesday goes much better! Good luck for your run 3 💙

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