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W7 R3 - done!!!

So I did my first park run on Saturday, counted as week7 R2 didn't use the podcast just ran it, I walked for 3-4 mins of the 37.55 it took to finish, must admit felt strange running with loads of people, felt like I was in someone's way all the time, but I'll get there.

Anyway week 7 run 3 this morning, have a stinking sore throat, totally lost my voice, but thought it's ok I'm not talking to anyone. I only went and managed another 5k this morning including warm up walk! totally chuffed. I've been changing my route to miss out the nasty long hill for a couple of weeks but I thought, I'll give it a go, and only went and shuffled up the full thing and beyond.

So so pleased......... Not bad for an overweight mummy. Week 8 here I come

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Well done you JoJo

And well doen for doing the hill, hill running is a good way of improving strength and stamina!!

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Wow, great pace! You practically graduated already. Watch for your sore throat not to escalate to something more.

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Will do the it doesn't hurt, just no voice. As for pace I've no idea what that actually is, I go by Laura and now I'm going none stop my distance. Happy as anything. 7/8 weeks ago I was struggling with the 30 second job, this program has totally worked for me. I'm telling anyone who'll listen about it


Well done- it's lovely when you can see progress like that!


Amazing stuff. Well done and keep on running!!


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