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W6 R3 complete, on to W7!

Hi Everyone,

Well, jogged/ran my way through W6 without issues and feeling great :-) However, I noticed I seem to be running quite slow at about 6 to 6.3k. I'm not very tall but not short either, i.e. 1.68m, so I guess I need to up the pace a bit? I did my 25 minutes and near the end Laura said that it was okay to speed up, but I really felt I couldn't and stayed at same pace of 6.1k. At this rate it's going to take a me long time to complete 5k!

I also feel totally hampered by food intake before run and found out I need to leave huge time gap, i.e. 4 hours, to be comfortable as last W6 run I only left 2 hours and felt nauseous after run.

Any similar experiences?

Johanna x

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Don't worry about your pace at all. It is the length (duration) of the run that matters. It is better to complete the time at a slower pace than not make it to the end - a lesson that I need to learn myself as I run too fast.

Try not to be so hard on yourself!

It's all good!

Foodwise, I personally never eat before a run and need to leave it about 4hrs too - otherwise I struggle. I also struggle if I havent eaten at all, ie before breakfast, so am still trying to find the right time of day for a run. We will get there!


Thank you Maysie1! Seeing your and other comments reassures me a bit about my speed :-) Interesting to read that you find the same thing with food. My right time of day seems to be after work, because I will have had lunch at about 1pm and if I run at around 5pm or 5.30pm I feel it's best for my body. Then I can shower after and have dinner then, I need to stick to this routine.


Well done getting through week 6. Dont worry too much about speed that will come with practice and when you can run for 30 mins each time you do it you'll improve. The c25k+ podcast will help with speed once you've graduated.

Happy running


Thank you GettingFitter! :-) It's amazing how fast the body is trained to run for longer periods, breathing gets easier, legs don't hurt so much anymore, etc. Thank you for the encouragement!


Food and drink is a problem for me as well. Even If i drink a bit it affects my running and i feel sick almost as soon as I start so i know the feeling. I have found having something like a piece of flapjack about an hour before heading out stops my stomach rumbling and gives me a bit of a boost.

As far as speed goes I agree with everyone else - the fact you are doing it is great you can work on speed as it becomes more natural. I keep saying that to myself. I try to concentrate more on my technique more than anything (shoulders and hands relaxed, land lightly on the centre of my foot, don't bounce up and down). If I get tired i use that mantra :-) - the fact my 2 year old daughter can fly past me walking has not put me off yet :-)


Thank you helrunner! :-) Sorry to hear that even drink can affect you. Not had that problem yet, and do need to drink before to keep the 'stitch' down, been suffering a bit with that during my last run. I think slow release foods such as flapjacks are really a good choice actually, need to try that!

Yeah, know what you mean about the speed haha! But like you I've been trying to concentrate on the 'bounce' and the breathing, and that really works for me too.


I have a large mug of tea about an hour before my run and a banana just before. Bananas seem to be the only thing I can eat without feeling ickky before a run and as I run before breakfast just need a little something first.

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Hi WineVeevil, thank you! Not tried banana yet before run but will have to give that a go and see how I feel. I'm worried about the nausea though so tend to only want to drink. Thanks for your reply!


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