Becoming a runner😊

My goal wasn't really to be able to run 5k (even though I know I can now) but to become someone who could throw on some trainers and go run for half an hour to get some exercise without getting completely out of breath and feeling like a quitter. I had a killer headache this morning and had a sense that a run might help. The recent 'me' would have just had a nap, but I thought I'd regret not following my hunch on this one. So I put W9R3 on the podcast and took off, not knowing if I'd have the stamina or not. I managed it comfortably (and slowly), the headache significantly eased and I felt pretty pleased with myself. Conclusion: stamina at some point is largely mental, and I think I've overcome a fear of running that I didn't really know I had😊 Laura is ace!


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8 Replies

  • Yes - you have discovered what this is really all about. It is not about running non-stop for 30 minutes , or 5K or even running at all. It is about getting off the Couch!!! It is about developing a life routine that gets you off the couch every day. Paces, and distances, and race times are irrelevant - what is relevant is that we get a certain number of times per week multiplied by a certain length of time in a position where we are "puffing and panting" :) Doing this by "running" is a very easy thing to do - once you know how to and can do it!! :)

  • Well done. I have also experienced running to be a natural painkiller. 👏👏

  • Yes it sure is 😊 Great to be able to just get out and run ☺

  • Great post - thanks 😀

  • Thanks for posting this little bit of inspiration. I had a less than successful run this morning where I ended up walking after 10 mins but I am still pleased I got out off the couch.

    I am beginnning to change my negative mindset which tells me I am too old, or too unwell or too tired to run today, but it takes time to break habits and views held for many years. So well done on running through the headache :)

  • Well done you - and you're now a graduate as well! You've definitely earned that badge.

  • This is brilliant. I felt the same as you - what me run 5k who are you kidding? And now I can and most times I enjoy it, although having moved house recently I know I am not enjoying my new route as it's so straight compared to my old one which had quite a few turns and each little bit felt more like an achievement. But like you I wanted to be able to say 'yes I run two or three times a week' and that I can just go and do it. Well done you as someone else said this is what it really is all about x

  • What a lovely post 🙂 Part if C25K is really about amazing ourselves with what we are really capable of. Happy running .👟🏃👟🏃

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