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W4R1 complete. I think I may be becoming a runner!

Maybe I am already becoming a runner because:

1: just back from W4R1 and noticed that my fitbit has recorded a run - rather than the aerobic workout it has been recording up until now. Does anybody know what fitbits actually measure to decide if something is a run or aerobic activity?

2: I went away for the weekend and actually took running kit with me (very unlike old couch potato me). I was so pleased I did - as I got rewarded not just by that great feeling that comes with completing a week of C25K but also seeing the sun coming up over the sea and a truly beautiful sunrise. Have to admit - I am very jealous of anybody living somewhere with such beautiful places to run. Not that this morning in frosty Essex was bad.

3:Importantly - I made my first running purchase - a pair of gloves to run in. A few more weeks and I will go back and get the shoes after gait analysis.

4: I am really enjoying the program and feeling a sense of accomplishment (even though I know I still have a long way to go). I even look forward to the next run on my days off.

Finally - just wanted to say thank you to everybody who puts such positive and supportive posts on this site. You are a great community - and inspired me and gave me the confidence to start the program - even though it took me a while to believe and try.

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What a lovely positive post! Sounds like you are really getting into the swing of things and enjoying it. Well done!


Thank you. The belief that I can do this is completely down to all the amazing positive posts on this site from people going through the program or who have already graduated. It took me about 6 months of looking occasionally at the posts before I finally got out the door with shoes on - and it wouldn't have happened without reading how everybody else managed and the support they got. The enjoyment is a great bonus


Marvellous. Well done. Running tourism is a great bonus. I’m off to Lindisfarne in a couple of weeks and can’t wait to do some runs around the perimeter 🏃🏾‍♀️👍


Lucky you. I'm jealous - although I think running around Lindisfarne is probably still a bit beyond me!


Haha. It is surprisingly small!


Good for you!


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