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Becoming a runner - apparently

Week 6 is done and I am apparently a runner. I don't really feel like one though. It was so hard I thought it would never end. I have never run for 25 minutes non stop in my entire life so it fells like a huge achievement.

Although I sometimes think of Laura as my torturer, she has brought me further than I thought possible. And so on to week seven...

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Well done!

W5R3 is the real turning point. And getting further, into week 6, you start consolidating!

I would tend to agree that you are now a runner :-)

Ash xx

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Good luck with week 7! The longer runs become more natural, just keep doing what you're doing 😊

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It is a huge achievement. The truth is, to me. sometimes runs just feel like that.You find every step a struggle, the 'gremlins' are yelling rather than muttering and you wonder why you ever started this whole thing!

Weirdest thing is that the next day I am wondering when I can do it all again!

Good luck with week 7 you really are over the worst.


Thank you for your replies.xx It is lovely how supportive everyone is here.


I used to think exactly that too...running was never something that came naturally to me and i had to push hard for every step i took - as you said torture but i kept at it knowing one day it might just get easier.

Then one Week 7 run i suddenly realised that i was running, yes i was running, breathing but not breathless and yes i think i can do this for 25 minutes...and i did and thats when i started to enjoy running when i realised that my body had finally caught up to my mind - and theres been no stopping me ever since xxx

PS just a word i found the music in week 7 dreadful and very off putting so if you have an iPod i created a running track to listen to of all my fav songs that last 25 minutes then add a warm up and cool down that lasts 5 minutes xx


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