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Graduation and 5k Parkrun - OMG


I did it!! Can't believe I ran (slowly) for a whole 5k without stopping or walking! Took 39 minutes but as I have onlyever managed to run for 31 previously I am feeling very proud. And what a rush of emotion when I finished - the tears really flowed - silly I know but just can't believe that in 11 weeks I have gone from being unable to run for 30 seconds to running 5k. Really was Couch to 5k and now I can get my Graduate badge - Yay!! My first ever 5k at 61 years old - I really have the bug now. Advice please on best way to increase pace rather than distance?

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Many Congratulations to you on a fantastic achievement , be very proud of yourself !

That is such a great photo, you look amazing ! Really healthy , fit and happy .

Well done to you xxx

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Oh thank you - my lovely partner was there to cheer me on each lap and he took a photo each time I ran past - needless to say this one was on the first lap whilst I could still smile!😜


Couch 25K works miracles doesn't it?

Well done you, and 39 minutes for a 61 year old is a very respectable time indeed!

You'll be buzzing all day long I guarantee it :-D

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Thank you - yes still buzzing!!🐝


Well done Dwynne, I did my first Parkrun today as well, feels great doesn't it to complete the 5km, congratulations on a fantastic achievement 🤓😀

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Thanks Nathan yes it was a reall buzz - - still smiling!! 😁


Congratulations - a treble success, parkrun,5k and graduation.

You look amazing! Enjoy your success!

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Thank you - this has been a real achievement in my life - a brilliant programme 👍


Well done on graduating and discovering parkrun.

Life begins at 61, (says the 61 year old writer) so good luck for the future. My prescription for increasing speed is probably not what you want to hear........if you want to run faster, run further. Improved general condition and the removal of psychological barriers around 5k as a distance, will see you increase pace. Combine it with fartlek or intervals and hill running, and of course just gentle running for fun and you will continue to make progress.


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Thank you for your kind words. I will run further eventually but would rather concentrate on consolidating this distance at a better pace - are there any good apps for interval running? As a novice it's difficult to know how to progress - feel a bit lost without a schedule as per C25K.

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There are C25k+ podcasts which concentate on speed and stamina, with Saint Laura as your guide. I never used them, simply because nine weeks of that music was all I could stand.

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Amazing! Well done! And I agree with the others - you look amazing. I actually thought 61 might be a typo when I first saw it! 🙂

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Thank you - have lost just over a stone since I started this, and I have a wonderful family, partner and life - which all help 😜


Well done Dwynne. You look great 🌟🌟🌟


Thank you 😁


You certainly do not look 61! You certainly do look slim and fit! Huge well done and congratulations!

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Aw thank to you and everyone for your kind messages and support

Well done!! Keep it up


Congratulations! 🎉 What a beautiful photograph. You look very fit.

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Thank you 👍


Congratulations dwynne! I would never have put you at 61 from this photo!

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Thank you - it was early on in the race - in later ones I look much older 😜😂

The woman in that photo cannot be 61! My gosh! Look at those legs and toned arms. And your waist! Seriously, you look 20 years younger.

I forgot what you question was, I am so trying to wrap my head around that woman in the photo being 61... Oh my!

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Love you😂

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I'm still baffled, but was able to concentrate for a minute on your question. I completely agree with IannodaTruffe. I graduated in May and did 5 k in June. Now I run 7-8k a couple of times a week and 5k has become my short distance, and I have shaved more than 5 minutes of my 5k time. My 3k has become really fast (for me)😀


Thank you that's very helpful - I am off to Spain for 5 weeks so am just going to enjoy running in the sun by the sea and try and get really used to 30 minute runs for a while 👍

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