Post graduation Parkrun

Done it! couch to 5k, 41.32 min.  8.2/km to say I am pleased is an under statement, thanks to all at Conwy Parkrun, a special thanks to Kelly who after completing her run came back to join me for my last half k.                  To all of  you starting on the c25k journey believe me all the pain and suffering is worth it when you can say, 5K i've done that. 



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29 Replies

  • That's really good, no way I'll be brave enough to graduate on a park run - even though that should be next Saturday (hopefully).  Congratulations on your graduation, Patrick x

  • Go! Really!  I have over 100 under my belt now and my only regret is that I didn't start sooner.  :)

  • I think you read my mind.  After typing this message, I thought "why not, I could have a go at that".  So, I've registered and talked hubby into coming with me - he can walk the dog and cheer me over the finish line.  So, w9r3 will be a park run after all <gulp>

  • Excellent!  Can't wait to hear how you get on.  Any idea where you'll be running?  I run at Tilgate in Crawley - might be a bit far, but you'd be very welcome! :)

  • Oh bless you.  I'll be running at Shorne Country Park near Gravesend (Crawley is a bit far).  I'll then be jumping in the car and driving to Cornwall :)

  • Have a great time - but be warned, it quickly becomes very addictive :)  (Can't think what I used to do with my Saturday mornings before...)

  • If I can do it then so can you!

  • Looks I'm gonna.  You gave me the kick I needed :)

  • That's exactly what I did today! Graduated at Parkrun, whilst my husband walked the dogs around, and cheered me on.

    And not only did I make the 30 minutes, but I had enough in the tank to keep running to the end. 

    5k - I can do that!! And so can you! 🏃

  • Well, I've told everyone I know on Facebook so no backing out now 😐

  • well done! I'm trying to pluck up the courage to do a parkrun some time soon but keep making excuses....

  • No more excuses!  Go!! We'll await your post parkrun run report. :)

    (I was terrified before the start of my first run - all fears over well before the run started and definitely no question of whether I would be going back!)

  • Don't fear Parkrun - it's fantastic for new runners.  So supportive. You really don't need to run the whole thing if you're not ready, but it's great to feel part of something bigger, and it's so inspirational!  

    Give it a go - you won't regret it 🏃

  • Yay! Well done Patrick! Go parkrun, go parkrun, go parkrun! 😄. See parkrun is fab!


  • Oh well done Patrick!  Parkrun is fab int it!  I'm so chuffed for you.  Yeeeeeeeeeha!

  • And I have just got my official Parkrun time 41:15 minutes  207 place  overall,  4th in age group 70/74 , now to get under 40 minutes !

  • 4th in your age group - that's pretty impressive! Well done!

  • Well! thats 4th out of 4

  • Now don't put it like that! Far too negative. You beat every 70 - 74 year old in the area who wasn't there!

  • Oh yes....!

  • That is awesome!  Fantastic job 🏃👏🎉

  • Fantastic! Big congratulations to you🙂!

  • Brilliant.  Well done you!

    Remember that feeling - it will feel even better the next time you run parkrun and get a pb (that's when it starts getting really addictive :) ).  Pleased you enjoyed it, parkrun is a wonderful thing.

  • Superb, well done Patrick1942 😊

  • well done Patrick thats a fantastic time! :)

  • Yeay... go Patrick. That is brilliant!

  • Fantastic Patrick , youre Patrick Fantastic !

    Well done, be very proud of yourself today Mister ! :-) xxx

  • What an inspiration you are Patrick :) Fantastic time, well done :)

  • Hooray! What a great feeling!

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