Couch to 5K
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Definitely getting there! I found it surprisingly easy last night?? I started running on streets rather than paths as it feels too dark and spooky without streetlights.

Not the fastest runner in the world by far but running every two days and healthy diet definitely is heading me towards my previous pregnancies shape!!

Thanks for this forum it's inspiring 😊🤗🏃🏃

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Well done Sinouche!


Well done. EVen running on the paths and streets can be tricky at night as you can't see your feet even with street lighting and it's easy to go down into a divot or sunken bit by tree roots. Take a torch with a hand strap or get a runners head lamp. Being seen is important so make sure you have some reflective bits on your running gear so you show up. Pound shops sell this stuff, eg flickering arm bands etc

You don't need to be fast! You'll be fine going nice and steady. The name of the game is finishing each session safely.

Have fun!


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